LETTER: SeaTac City Council Has a ‘Pattern of Keeping Citizens in the Dark…’

In a not too surprising move the SeaTac City Council voted 4-3 to shield Citizens from hearing about $5K to $35,000 spending authorizations and raising it to $50K in the Council Meeting on April 10. The vote of course went as usual with the Angle Lakers voting for it and those who represent all of us against it.

This is not surprising because the pattern of keeping the Citizens in the dark and without recourse has been the unseen goal of this one sided Council with un-elected mayor Tony Anderson as head Angle Laker. This coincides with moving with eliminating Public Comment on Unfinished Business, disbanding all committees in favor of “Study Sessions” that have no Public Comment, and insuring most things are rubber stamped out of sight of the public by consensus in 4-3 votes in the Study Sessions.

In an interesting side note, Mr. Anderson took credit at the Chamber of Commerce Mayors Meeting on Friday (I was there) for being a member of the LUP (Land Use and Parks) committee, the A&E (Administration and Finance) committee, and the PS&J (Public Safety and Justice) committee. He forgot to mention he eliminated all these committees and put himself in charge of the Study Sessions that replaced the committees and removed all other Council members from being chair/member of anything.

As an un-elected mayor, Mr. Anderson does not have to answer directly to the Citizens for his unilateral actions.  He only has to get his fellow Angle Lake Council Members to go along (4-3 votes). I was the driving force behind having a strong ELECTED Mayor.  People were afraid that the wrong person would get elected to the Executive position. Since the measure lost and the City Manager remains the un-elected and non-resident Executive, Mr. Anderson has taken every step possible to insure the Public does not see any improprieties by HIS council. So your fears have been realized except in the form of a Politburo with Premier Anderson the anointed.

Comrades Ladenburg, Gregerson, Bush think all of this is great and nod their heads when Mr. Anderson speaks. How neat and tidy.

– Earl Gipson (Aka- The Cactus)

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5 Responses to “LETTER: SeaTac City Council Has a ‘Pattern of Keeping Citizens in the Dark…’”
  1. Janice Taylor says:

    What also is not too surprising, sadly, it that the majority of citizens of Seatac choose to remain oblivious to what the new City Council is doing. They didn’t care that certain members had their campaigns financed by a union with its own motives for the city. They didn’t care that those members blatantly equated themselves with monarchy. They didn’t care that the majority on the Council tried to limit citizen input. (A big thank you to those who did stand up and speak against that.) They don’t care that the study sessions are scheduled in the afternoon when working folks cannot attend. They don’t care that the presentations at those study sessions are biased, and opposing viewpoints are absent.

    In short, most of the citizens of Seatac simply don’t care. Of course, they’ll all cry foul when something happens to directly effect them. But this has been the trend in all levels of American politics for quite a while. We The People get the representation we settle for. If citizens prefer to put more stock in “American Idol” and “Real Housewives of (Wherever)”, they WILL get a government that sells them to the next special interest. If the citizens don’t care about their government, their government will not care about them.

  2. Wheres the Outside Observer lately? Helping keep SeaTac in the dark for Julia Patterson, Dave Upthegrove, Unite Here 8, and Tony Anderson. Comrades in Arms!

  3. Outside Observer says:

    Just observing this time, Kovacs. Are you asking for my point of view on this particular subject?

  4. Outside Observer says:

    Mr. Kovacs,

    For instance, I could address Ms. Taylor’s critique: “They don’t care that the study sessions are scheduled in the afternoon when working folks cannot attend.”

    The committees replaced by the council’s study sessions took place at the same time or even earlier than the current council study sessions.

    According to the meetings archives on the city website, Public Safety and Justice typically met at 4:00, as did the Transportation and Public Works committee. Administration and Finance met an hour earlier at 3:00, and the Land Use and Planning committee typically met at 2:30 in the afternoon. Thus, by consolidating those four committees into the study sessions, these meetings were in fact made MORE accessible to the public; moreover, the study sessions are available for viewing on SeaTV. I’m not 100% sure, but I do not think the same was true for the four committee meetings.

    By that measure, the Citizens of SeaTac (as well as interested observers from other cities) have more access to the business of SeaTac’s city government than when the individual committees were in place.

    I can also critique one of Mr. Gipson’s assertions if you like: “As an un-elected mayor, Mr. Anderson does not have to answer directly to the Citizens for his unilateral actions.”

    Mayor Anderson does indeed answer directly to the citizens. If the citizens of SeaTac are unhappy with the policies and measures that have gone into effect under his tenure as Mayor, they can vote him out of office. As I recall, they will have that opportunity when Mr. Anderson comes up for reelection a year form now in 2013. It is my understanding that this is how democracy works. Unless Mayor Anderson has successfully lobbied Olympia to install him as Mayor-for-life, no one has yet turned your fair city into Stalinist Russia.

    So if any of you think that Mr. Anderson occupies his place on the council simply because citizens are ignorant or perhaps uneducated about the doings of certain council members, by all means, feel free to “educate” them. By my count, you have about 18 months to make your case (again).

  5. Outside Observer says:

    Mr. Kovacs,

    I could also point out to Mr. Gipson that “unilateral” actions by definition require only one vote, not four. I could suggest that he call them “quadrilateral” actions instead since they require a four-vote majority to take effect, but then I’d risk looking like a real square.