PHOTOS: With Crypticon In Town, Zombies Can’t Be Far Behind

Little did regional leaders know when they built it, but the Link Light Rail system has become a weak spot in SeaTac’s zombie defense plan. Brains, trains… I guess they go together when you’re a hungry zombie looking for your next meal.

The Crypticon horror convention is back in SeaTac this weekend and in an event inaugurated last year, the folks behind Seattle Zombies invited a few of their friends to ride the Light Rail from Westlake down to the convention.

It wasn’t just your average commute, the zombie horde was on their way to crash a wedding taking place at Crypticon.

Even Sound Transit got into the act with this post on their Facebook page:

A Zombie Wedding will be taking place on Central Link light rail soon. Any body parts left on the train will be returned to the lost and found.

Photographer Michael Brunk put his zombie avoidance skills to the test and braved the train trip to assemble this gallery of photos. You can click individual thumbnails to view high resolution versions.


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  1. Bonnie Moormeier says:

    Love your zombie photos, Michael!