LETTER: Regarding ICLEI – ‘I really wish this were a crackpot conspiracy theory’

Dear Editor –

It appears those who wish to “control” rather than “sustain” are duping us. You cannot talk about ICLEI without learning about UN Agenda 21. I heard of UN Agenda 21 and its “enforcement NGO” (Non-Government Organization), ICLEI about a year ago. Me being cynical of most things thought it was some crackpot conspiracy theory until I read Agenda 21 and the ICLEI policies/methods.

What was shocking was who signed-off on Agenda 21 in 1992 (George Bush #1) and the impact it has had on our local zoning laws, Comprehensive Plans, and land policies over the past 20 years right under our noses that extremely limit the use of private property, high density development, and curtailing the mobility of Americans. This is right out of the ICLEI playbook.

The APA, American Planning Association, the GMA (Growth Management Act), and the PSRC (Puget Sound Regional Council) are all players in this attack on private property and mobility. The APA had a hand in drafting Agenda 21 so when you see an AIPC or AIC designation after a City Planner’s name they are members of the APA and part of it. The GMA and PSRC continue to add requirements policies restricting rights of our region’s citizens not out of sustainability and/or science but the desire to control.

There are those of us in SeaTac and other Cities in our region who having been fighting “City Hall” just to do simple things on our own properties only to find huge compliance costs, permits, and limitations that do not make common sense. We have been fighting Agenda 21/ICLEI and just didn’t know it. The City of SeaTac didn’t even have to be a member of ICLEI to feel this almost secretive influence in our policies so SeaTac’s membership ($600 annually) is more symbolic of some of our Council and staff willing to go along with this subversive organization that is counter to our state and federal constitutions.

I really wish this were a crackpot conspiracy theory but don’t take my word for it. Read and learn more about Agenda 21 and ICLEI for yourselves. As American Citizens, you will not be happy. When you hear the word “sustainability” run or at least sit on your wallet. Further, you are only paranoid if they are not after you. The bad guys have a 20-year lead on us so good luck to us all.

-Earl Gipson

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