City of SeaTac Hires Gwen Voelpel as its new Assistant City Manager

The City of SeaTac recently announced the selection of Gwen Voelpel as its new Assistant City Manager.

“We are so fortunate to have someone of Gwen’s caliber and experience join our team,” said Todd Cutts, city manager. “She has served many different communities throughout Western Washington in a variety of capacities and she will undoubtedly become an asset to our team and to the citizens of SeaTac.”

Most recently, Voelpel served as the parks and recreation director and chief policy adviser for the City of Snoqualmie, where she updated a number of parks, recreation and open space codes, rules, plans and policies, oversaw the construction of the city’s first community center and managed more than 35 parks and 30 miles of trails including parks and facilities under development.

Over the course of her career, Voelpel has served a variety of public service and leadership roles from public relations and project management for the Washington State Department of Revenue in Olympia to assistant to the city manager for the City of Tacoma. In those positions Voepel took initiative to create and implement many significant firsts, such as creating the City of Black Diamond’s first website and newsletter as city administrator, as well as implementing the City of Snoqualmie’s first performance management program.

Voelpel is a communications graduate of Evergreen State College and she completed her Masters of Public Administration with a focus on local government management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2007.

The city says Voelpel is bringing more than 20 years of executive-level public service experience and expertise to the community.


14 Responses to “City of SeaTac Hires Gwen Voelpel as its new Assistant City Manager”
  1. This employee add is to relieve Todd Cutts current city manager from burn out after leading the city since November 2009. The city is a mess because of the citizens deception from the 2011 city council election by Julia Patterson (KC Council Member) union get out the vote. Julia used the “get out the union vote” to keep her power grab in SeaTac so her husband Pat Patterson and daughter can keep jobs in the City of SeaTac. Pat and his daughter leach $150,000+ benefits out of the tax payers in SeaTac. Julia leaches $150,000 + in benefits from King County taxpayers.

    • GetALife says:

      Michael, Please do us all a favor and quit spewing your hate and discontent for the City of SeaTac. You are doing nothing but trying to stir up controversy. If you had anything constructive to say it would be one thing, but the fact that you are completely incompetent and void of any reasonable thought, makes your comments totally useless.

  2. geonnn says:

    I’m not impressed.

  3. Outside Observer says:

    Mr. Kovacs, not everyone wants their names to appear on their own special page on your website. Speaking of writing under your own name, how is Gort the Robot doing?

  4. Seatac Citizen says:

    Mr Kovacs, you are one little voice that likes to spread hatred to those who want to make a difference. Give her an opportunity to show what she can or cant do, help her help the community before bashing her.

  5. Dear Outside Observer,

    Gort the Robot is doing fine in Erie, Pennsylvania. Gort the Robot is my 79 year old father. Would you like his phone number for a discussion on how you and others have created the situation in SeaTac and cannot fix it? Give me a call some time and will hook you up.

    Go to my web site ( and read the comments about the latest insanity about how the Angle Lake City Council is trying to strong arm the Port of Seattle with Julia Patterson, Dave Bush, Barry Ladenberg, Adam Smith, Dave Upthegrove, etc to pay non-poverty wages. All the protests against the port can do nothing to pay those poor people more in wages and benefits because its against federal law for the port to intervene. So the union – Stefan Moritz, Julia Patterson, Dave Bush, Barry L, Adam Smith, Dave Upthegrove are creating a false impression. Do those people think the poor employees are that dumb? When the message gets through they are liars then the table will turn and those clowns will be running for cover.

    Dave Bush appears to have anger management problems. Blowing up at a SeaTac citizen after a council meeting, blowing up at port officials saying they need to pay the poor employees more money in wages and benefits, and go to and go to the You Tube video for the May, 2010 council meeting where he calls Fernald and Forschler bigots. Usually the person that calls people bigots and racist in public is one himself. So Dave Bush is racist and a bigot.

    Julia Patterson, Adam Smith, and Dave Upthegrove new that forcing 5,000 + refugees/immigrants into SeaTac would give the port easy access to minimum wage labor. They knew then they would develop a false need for more wages and create this nightmare situation for the 5,000 + humans needing a so called union. What a diabolical mess! Those workers should do what everyone did in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Move away to other areas of King County or The United States of America. The politicians always create the problems in America and the world just like in SeaTac.

    I have met a Somali business man in the last nine months who no longer lives in SeaTac. he says its an embarrassment what his fellow countrymen are being subjected to in SeaTac. He said Othman Heibe is an embarrassment to his countrymen and woman because of being misled by these clowns and is a pawn. I will be meeting with another Somali community representative and help bring these abused people by Julia P, Adam Smith, and Dave Upthegrove to freedom.

    The real form of social justice will grow and throw the bums out of their elected seats in office. It will be the 5,000 + refugees/immigrants holding the cards to do this.

    Michael T Kovacs

    • Outside Observer says:

      Mr. Kovacs,

      Nice attempt at getting me to help you figure out my identity by giving you my phone number. By the way, why would your father (who apparently lives in Erie, Pennsylvania) use your e-mail address in order to post to the Highline Times website?

  6. Dear Outside Observer,

    How could you know what email address my father or I would use? Its not published on this site or any other forum or area. Unless you are working for some government agency?

    Michael T Kovacs

    • Outside Observer says:

      Mr. Kovacs,

      I don’t know the specific e-mail address you used, but I do know that you and “Gort the Robot” use the same one. It did not take special access or privileges to figure it out, only a little personal experience and deductive reasoning. So again I ask, why would your father (who lives in Erie, Pennsylvania) use the same e-mail address as you did in order to post comments on the Highline Times website?