City of SeaTac Gets Five-Star Hazardous Waste Award

The EnviroStars Certification for 2012 comes from the EnviroStars program, a service of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program through the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks.

Government facilities usually submit as individual departments and are certified independently as the SeaTac Parks/Public Works Maintenance Facility did in 2011.

SeaTac submitted an overall city application earlier this year to the EnviroStars program that included Parks Maintenance Division, Public Works Maintenance Division, Fire Stations, City Hall, and Community Center, that encompassed parks properties (buildings and public land areas), public works properties and right-of-way practices, along with our staff behaviors and practices.

SeaTac officials said the city is “proud of its commitment to waste management, increasing the collection and reuse of recyclable items, promoting resource conservation and pollution prevention, reduction of and proper disposal of hazardous waste materials, and our programming that reaches out to our employees and community members assisting all of SeaTac to be environmentally responsible.”

Officials said the certification “supports the City Council’s vision and goal for a healthy community. The City strives to lead by example and appreciated the opportunity to apply for a city-wide EnviroStars Certification and encourages eligible businesses to become EnviroStars Certified. We can assist your business in the process to reach the EnviroStars certification standards.”

For more information, contact Resource Conservation/Neighborhood Programs Coordinator Trudy Olson at 973.4763.

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