Help Name the New Sound Transit Station at S. 200th Street – Here’s How

Sound Transit is making progress to extend the Link light rail system between Sea-Tac Airport and South 200th Street in the City of SeaTac, and they’re looking for help in naming the new station.

During the project’s early phases, the station at S. 200th Street was given a temporary, working name.

The time for the Sound Transit Board of Directors to adopt a permanent name for the station is approaching, and as part of the process, Sound Transit is collecting feedback to provide to the Board on the proposed choice of a station name.

Here are some possible choices for the permanent station name:

  • S. 200th Street Station
  • S. 200th Street Station
  • South SeaTac Station
  • Angle Lake Station

Do any of these names do anything for you? Do you have a better idea?

Sound Transit wants you to provide input on the station name by completing a two question survey by Monday, Sept. 17th here.

You can choose from one of the three names above or enter a name of your own for consideration.

For more information please contact Jennifer Lemus at [email protected].

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