Highline Schools Foundation Now Accepting Excel Grant Applications

Tonni Best, Math Coach at Chinook Middle School, received $203 from the Foundation to purchase chess boards, dice, and decks of cards to help students with overall number sense, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Photo courtesy Fran Doniego.

In an effort to support activities and experiences that expand the learning process, as well as actively engage students in Highline Public Schools, the Highline Schools Foundation is offering grants for teachers and district employees within the district through its Excel Grant Program.

Applications are now online here, and the deadline is Friday, Nov. 2, 2012.

“The Foundation makes every effort to get funding distributed quickly—so teachers can begin to implement these great programs!” said Ashley Fosberg, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Since the project’s origin in February 2002, The Foundation has distributed more than $200,000 through its grant program.

An excerpt from a 2011 Excel Grant Application & Recipient Jeanette Yee, 4th grade teacher at Parkside Elementary School:

“Students will combine the joy and excitement of mechanical toys with science content, “Electric Circuits” by constructing an air propelled motor boat for their culminating project. Students will use functional reading and apply science skills by building circuits and troubleshooting. Students will be engaged because they love to build science models and will have an opportunity to participate in a car boat time trials.”

And a note from Jeanette after the project had been funded:

“This grant has made a huge difference in our class because without it we could not have been able to afford to make our car boats. I saw such positive benefits from this project and I am very grateful to the Highline Schools Foundation. My students applied what they learned into an end of unit project, they worked cooperatively and persevered when things didn’t work as planned, and students got excited about science and considered engineering as future career prospects.”

This is just one example of a grant funded by the Highline Schools Foundation. To learn more, go to www.highlineschoolsfoundation.org/programs/excelgrants.html.

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