SeaTac Police Arrest California Crime Spree Suspects in Victim’s Stolen Car

Wednesday morning (Oct. 10) around 9 a.m., a SeaTac Police Officer pursued and eventually apprehended a man and woman who were driving a murder victim’s stolen car and are suspects in a crime spree in California including Escape and Attempted Murder of a police officer.

The incident started just before 9 a.m. when a SeaTac Officer ran the license plate of a blue Subaru station wagon that was parked near the 18800 block of 32 Ave South (map below). The plate returned stolen and as the officer attempted to contact the occupants, the vehicle took off southbound, ramming the officer’s car as it sped away.

A pursuit ensued and the car was boxed in by SeaTac police cars near South 188 and Pacific Hwy South. The female driver jumped into the back seat and the male passenger got into the driver’s seat. The male repeatedly rammed the police cars trying to escape in the vehicle. When the male could no longer move his car the pair was ordered out of the car by police at gun point.

A 25-year old woman and her 24-year old husband were taken out of the car and detained. Officers learned that the male had escaped from the San Bernardino County Jail on Aug. 28 with the aid of the female. California authorities believe the pair went on a crime spree after the escape.

The male is also suspected of the attempted murder of a police officer on Sunday, Sept. 2. On that day a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy approached a suspicious vehicle in the City of South El Monte. An exchange of gunfire ensued between the deputy and suspect. The suspect shot and wounded the deputy with a shotgun.

Additionally, on Oct. 5 a 55-year old woman was found stabbed to death in her home in the City of Hercules near San Francisco. Her blue Subaru station wagon was missing after the murder. That stolen Subaru was the vehicle stopped, and the occupants arrested by the SeaTac Officer this morning. A shotgun was also found in the vehicle. Hercules Police Department officials are not naming the suspects in the murder but plan to interview the pair about the incident and why they were in the victim’s stolen car.

Detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and Hercules Police Department are investigating to see if the pair committed a number of other crimes, including carjacking and robbery while traveling their way from Southern California to Northern California.

Detectives from the City of SeaTac will also contact police agencies in Oregon and Washington to see if the pair may have committed crimes in these states.

The couple has been booked into the King County Jail.

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