LETTER: Resident Shares Thoughts on Code Compliance Coordinator Position

Dear SeaTac City Council,

If you think that I, and others buy that the newly authorized Code Compliance Coordinator position as anything but a Supervisory position you would be wrong. What has happened is the Staff has shoved an administrative “bill of goods” down your throats where you as a Council cannot effectively argue against it as its “Code Compliance”. What person in SeaTac does not want to see more of that?

Lets first examine the position requirements. For those who read their Council packets see pages 8 thru 11 of packet for 10/23/12. A Bachelors Degree in Public Administration or City Planning? You must be kidding. These “paper cut” hazardous fields are irrelevant for Code Compliance Coordinator or Code Compliance Officer. I see no requirement for being bilingual which is far more relevant in our demographic. The more I read the more pathetic it gets and anyone reading it will get the gist and I encourage them to do so.

Lets next examine pay grade. I have no idea what position/title this was compared to but a Code Compliance Coordinator search yields a pay level of ~62K per year not ~100K per year!

Lets next examine that we, (Citizens and Council) expressed we wanted “boots on the ground”. With the requirements such as they are written we may get a ¼ boot and that person will walk with a limp. What I see is another PowerPoint creator and regular “job justifier” at Council meetings.

It is no wonder our un-elected Mayor has curtailed Public input/comment at the alleged “Study” Sessions and pertinent parts of the Council meetings. Myself and others can shoot holes in this new position justification like so much Swiss Cheese.

I normally would thank you for your service to our City at this point but I see no reason to on this frivolous new position that you have now authorized.

Earl Gipson

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2 Responses to “LETTER: Resident Shares Thoughts on Code Compliance Coordinator Position”
  1. Conerned Business says:

    Well stated Mr Gipson, this position must be there for The Bush, Gregerson and Ladenburg ticket to help small business’s in SeaTac. As stated in their position before the Elections.We all know what a Lie that was, so this Code Compliance Position is there for what PURPOSE but a Tax waste.

  2. Dorinda says:

    This City needs another Code Enforcement officer, NOT another supervisor. For those in the palace on S. 188th (City Hall), and for those on the Council who live outside of SeaTac (ie: Angle Lake), you really should take a tour of the city sometime. Take a look at the residences that simply fail to comply with the minimal standards set by the city. Those of us who actually mow our lawns and have our trash hauled away each week would appreciate it.