SeaTac United Takes Soccer Indoors With Winter ‘Futsal,’ Starting Jan. 3

Tired of the rain, wind and cold? Sign your kids up SeaTac United’s Winter ‘Futsal,’ which begins Jan. 3

Futsal is a form of indoor soccer popularized in Brazil, and is cited as contributing to the youth development of their very skilled players. The game is played in a gymnasium using out-of-bounds lines and a special ball which is heavier and has little to no bounce. Futsal forces players to concentrate on ball skills, situational awareness and thinking ahead.

SeaTac United’s Winter Futsal incorporates a home practice system with Coerver Coaching instruction to give kids, ages 6-12, every chance to substantially improve their skills and field awareness. On December 12th, families will be given the home study program at the orientation meeting. The kids will have 3 weeks to practice at home before Futsal instruction starts on Jan. 3. Home study is done by following a 10-minute DVD routine, 3-5 times per week. This is intended to increase the young players’ skill, enjoyment of the game, and their work ethic.

Futsal sessions are on Thursdays at McMicken Elementary. There are two classes, one starting at 5:15 p.m., the other at 6:15 p.m.. Class assignments will be made at the orientation meeting, based on age and skill level. Finally, Coerver Coaching will provide professional instruction for the kids.

The Winter Futsal program fees have been reduced through a generous sponsorship by California Pizza Kitchen.

To register go to the SeaTac Community Center at 13735 24th Ave. S. in SeaTac, or call (206) 973.4680.

For more information about Winter Futsal, Spring Soccer Academy, Summer Street Soccer, or Fall Soccer, visit

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