LETTER: ‘Maybe I Should Stop Making the Case for a Citywide Code of Ethics’

Dear SeaTac City Council,

In last night’s Council comments at the end of the meeting un-elected Mayor Tony Anderson stated that just because a lawsuit is filed does not mean the City has done anything wrong. Wrong in whose eyes? There is a difference between LAWFUL and ETHICAL. If your actions are ethical you are most likely 99.9 percent lawful, however if you are lawful you may not be necessarily ethical. I hope you get that and it has nothing to do with religion (if you’re asking) though some may need those guidelines more than others.

Secondly the summary judgment you spoke of has been appealed so “the slightly overweight lady” has not sung just yet.

Deputy Mayor Gregerson’s comment that the Council heard no negative comments about the Study Sessions/Council format is farcical. First of all comments are not allowed in the Study Sessions where this issue was discussed. It is easy to say there were no negative comments when comments are not allowed altogether in those meetings, not to mention Ms Gregerson ignored the fact I have made negative comments, in writing, to the Council and the press.

The current lawsuits (2 pending, 1 in appeal), if taken by themselves could be viewed as isolated incidents. Collectively, and with anecdotal testimony of those who cannot afford to sue, and my own experiences with the City represent a pattern of behavior that is detrimental to the Citizens and well being of the City as a whole.

Maybe I should stop making the case for a Citywide Code of Ethics. Some Council members/City Managers (past and present) seem to be making the case for me.

Have a look at this article:


Comments to the article follow (mine included).

Thank you for your service to our City (I think).

Earl Gipson

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One Response to “LETTER: ‘Maybe I Should Stop Making the Case for a Citywide Code of Ethics’”
  1. Outside Observer says:

    Mr. Gipson,

    The phrase “innocent until proven guilty” comes to mind; you clearly do not ascribe to that train of thought with matters pertaining to the City of SeaTac. You take the two lawsuits (with one in appeal) as evidence that the city is being unethical and (potentially) unlawful, whereas it is certainly more than possible that the suits are the results of parties angry that they didn’t get their way. I believe the a common term used to describe such claims by detractors would be “frivolous lawsuits.” Apparently at least one judge agreed with the City on the case that’s in appeal; otherwise there would have been no need for the appeal. Did the city buy off the judge, or was it just a bad judge who presided of the original case?

    Perhaps the better gauge of whether members of the city government are acting unlawfully and/or unethically is how many times these suits are actually successful. I’m sure anyone could decide to file a dozen lawsuits against you, Mr. Gipson (with or without merit)…I’m sure they could think up a dozen plausible-sounding charges. Does that mean everyone who knows you should take the claims against you at face value and assume that you are a lawless, unethical human being without waiting to give you a fair hearing? I should think not.