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Please welcome our latest Advertiser – ‘Re-Elect Pam Fernald’

Please welcome our latest Advertiser – ‘Re-Elect Pam Fernald‘!

As we do with all our paid Advertisers, we’re giving Pam an opportunity to share her message with our Readers:

I am proud to say that I am a Washington native, born and raised in King County! I grew up in Riverton (annexed by Tukwila), and now live in Riverton Heights (annexed by SeaTac). Both of my parents sadly passed away recently, but until then, they still lived in my childhood home in Tukwila where they had lived for 68 years. Our family, and extended family, is deeply rooted in this community.

I graduated from Foster High School; (Go Bulldogs!) married my high school sweetheart; went to work at Boeing; lived in McMicken Heights for 8 years; raised a blended family and when ‘empty nest’ came along, I went to college. I consider myself to be your average concerned citizen who values my family and what I have worked hard for.

Like many of the rest of you, I worked and raised my family, and don’t remember ever attending a city council meeting during that time. Who had time to go to City Hall what with ‘real life’ responsibilities such as chauffeuring for school activities; soccer games, music lessons; horse shows and also going to work?

My husband George (not the high school sweetheart) and I are both now retired and live in our SeaTac home in Riverton Heights where we have resided since the mid 70’s. Children are off and married, but we share our home with 2 dogs and a cat.

I retired after 38 years at Boeing, and then several years ago, a friend and I co-founded Neighbors Without Borders Action Committee (NWOBAC.) NWOBAC is a group of concerned citizens from SeaTac and Tukwila who meet to resolve citizen concerns in our cities by working with city staff.

While working on some code enforcement issues in SeaTac through NWOBAC, I realized how much the city had developed while I had been busy working and raising my family, and I was now seeing, hearing, and experiencing things I felt the City could still improve upon.

I attended the Citizen Police Academies (SeaTac and Tukwila) and got involved with Block Watch and Night Out Against Crime, took the CERT class and began regularly attending council meetings, and volunteered on the Civil Service Commission. Through these and various other activities, I learned of more and more things from neighbors and other citizens that they didn’t think were right and should have been addressed by the City.

With the above issues as an impetus, I applied for an open seat (along with 11 other citizens) which became vacant after Joe Brennan passed away, but I was not appointed.

Zoning issues arose, pawn shop and a construction company issues came up in the city. The Tree Retention saga was roiling away. I felt that things were out of control in SeaTac and what was needed, among other things, was equal application of our ordinances, we needed more citizens to be involved in the city and we needed the city to properly include the citizens and listen to what the taxpayers had to say. I felt that ‘common sense’ had ‘taken a vacation’ in our city.

I ran for SeaTac City Council in 2009 and was elected by 55.04% to my opponent’s 44.53%. Thank you, voters, for allowing me the privilege of being your voice on the city council!

Through my work and personal life experience, as well as my Council job, I have met people from around the world and from many different walks of life. I’ve been a volunteer reader for the kids at Salmon Days in Issaquah; I’ve volunteered with the Highline Historical Society Garden Tours; volunteered with the Books for Kids program; been involved in various human, and pet, food drives; I’ve been intimately involved in 2 big fundraising events for fire victims of the Emerald Place Apartments in SeaTac and most recently for the Tra Lee Apartments in Burien. As the relative of a crime victim (and also a crime victim myself), I have testified in Olympia regarding parental abduction (kidnapping) and have given presentations to professional groups regarding the trauma and other effects of parental abduction. Oh, and I don’t want to leave out my furry friends. I also volunteer with a dog rescue group, WAG.

I have been a ‘people’s advocate’ all of my life—a gift I received from my parents who were down to earth, unpretentious role models. I love meeting people; getting people together; helping solve problems; sharing information and learning new things. Along with the importance of my family, all of these things together keep me going and give me hope for the future.

So, through my continued hard work and with lots of life and City Council experience under my belt, I find myself on the November 5, 2013 ballot, respectfully asking for your vote for RE election. I’m just a regular person–not a ‘seasoned politician’ and I would be honored to continue as your voice, and your advocate, on the SeaTac city council. (Please visit my campaign website at http://electpamfernald.wordpress.com/)

I know you all have ideas and I’d love to hear them. Please contact me– I’d love to have you share your thoughts and ideas on your vision of SeaTac. Email or call me. While you are working and raising your families, or experiencing retirement– or anything in between–please contact me and let’s see what we can agree on to ensure that our city will still be here as vibrant and safe and as family friendly as ever. Ideas, suggestions, complaints—we need to make our city work for all of us.

Thank you.

– Pam Fernald

“The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all citizens.”

– Thomas Jefferson, Note in Destutt de Tracy, 1816

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3 Responses to “Please welcome our latest Advertiser – ‘Re-Elect Pam Fernald’”
  1. Vicki Lockwood says:

    Pam has earned my vote for re-election by doing every day what she promises to continue to do for us citizens that she represents as our City Council Woman! Thank you Pam for doing so much for the citizens and businesses of SeaTac who pay the bills.

  2. Abner & Donna Thomas says:

    We TRUST Pam to be wisely prepared when she is voting in behalf of the citizens

    of SeaTac. She reaches out to the citizens of Seatac for opinions and guidance

    on the issues that come before her on the council. We NEED Pam’s honest and

    sincere representation on the SeaTac City Council.

  3. A.I. Ross says:

    As a life-long resident of SeaTac and a neighbor of Councilwoman Fernald, I have nothing but respect for the work she strives to do for our community and her commitment to acting in the interest of the greater good for all citizens of SeaTac.

    Ms. Fernald is passionate advocate for our community and its people, and she is one of the few councilpersons who is a straight-shooter and one of the few who responds, politely and promptly, to any inquiries and concerns.

    With 100% confidence, I will be voting to re-elect Pam Fernald.