First-ever City of SeaTac ‘Touch-a-Truck’ event a big success

Photos and Story by Pam Fernald

Saturday was another lovely day to attend an outdoor event in the great Pacific Northwest! Council member Terry Anderson and I attended the First Annual City of SeaTac Touch a Truck Event from 10 to 1:30 Saturday (Aug. 24) at the Tyee Complex on 188th.

What a fun time watching all of the little kids – and big ones too – touch; sit on; sit in; climb on; climb in; look at; point at; giggle about, and ask questions about all of the various city trucks and some county rigs which were on display for us today.  Two of SeaTac’s brand new acquisitions, the Street Sweeper and the Vactor truck were the objects of much discussion today.

Myself being one of the big kids, I climbed aboard that sweeper truck, which was no easy feat for someone like me who is a little short on one end.   I’ve jokingly been ‘dying to drive it’ but after just sitting in it today, I’ve reconsidered.   Did you know it has right hand side and left hand side steering wheels?    It was pretty impressive to see that hopper go so far up with the hydraulic lift and then the hopper door opened up like it would to dump the ‘sweepings’ into a dump truck and be hauled away.

Fire Department equipment was well represented with the lights flashing and the detachable ladder being hoisted up and down. One thing I did miss was the ‘smoke house.’  Excellent hands on teaching tool for the kids to learn about how to deal with smoke in a fire. We’ll get it on site for next year.

I mentioned our new Street Sweeper and Vactor Trucks already.  The big field lawn mower and the athletic field ‘groomer’ were popular because they had lots of moving parts the kids could try–and they were low to the ground. The Republic Services sanitation truck was very popular, too. Everyone wanted to pull the cord and hear that horn blow! And from the County we had an ambulance and the Sheriff’s Swat mobile unit.

I talked to many people today from SeaTac, Tukwila, Burien, Seattle and I was told by staff there was even someone from Spanaway who came to check out our event. Everyone I chatted with thought it was a great event and would come to it again.

The staff did a fine job, and several people mentioned how nice it was to see the Explorers on site.   Thank you staff and volunteers!

Touch a Truck—a great way to show the taxpayers some of the equipment they have bought to keep the city safe and clean.    And a perfectly delightful way to engage the kids in the community and show them some of what keeps the city going.   Who knows, we may just have sparked a new generation of Teamsters.  My dad would like that…

Here are some photos from the event (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

























One Response to “First-ever City of SeaTac ‘Touch-a-Truck’ event a big success”
  1. Vicki Lockwood says:

    This was truly a fun and informative event. Every display was interesting and a catalyst for questions. The answers provided a good foundation for us citizens to appreciate the complexity of physically keeping a city in “ship shape”. I look forward to our refining this event in future years. This venue could provide the stage for a great video teaching tool for those considering career choices. Thanks to our City for doing this. .