Judge strikes down measure to increase minimum pay in SeaTac to $15/hour

by Jack Mayne

King County Superior Court Judge Andrea Darvas on Monday reversed the decision of the SeaTac City Clerk’s “issuance of the Final Certificate of Sufficiency” because the initiative proposing the new ordinance “Is not supported by the required number of valid signatures of registered voters.”

The proposed ordinance was placed on the November ballot by the SeaTac Council. The judges’ decision removes the path for the ballot process but the exact procedures now for the city are unclear. Another immediate question is whether those who circulated petitions gathering the signatures can go out again now and get added valid signatures is also unclear.

Judge Darvas said SeaTac and the SeaTac city clerk “are prohibited, and must desist and refrain, from sending the initiative measure to King County,” and must “take whatever actions are required to withdraw and remove the measure from processing by the King County Elections Department,” and “instructing the supervisor of city elections not to place the measure on the ballot.”

The just also said “the parties are in agreement that, if the 61 signatures of persons who signed the petition more than once are stricken, then to date the initiative sponsors have failed to present the requisite number of valid signatures to have the initiative presented to the voters at the general election in November.

Judge Darvas wrote that “for this reason, the initiative opponents are entitled to the relief they seek,” which is halting the course of the measure to the ballot.

“The court wishes to emphasize that its decision in this matter has nothing whatsoever to do with the substance of the initiative itself,” Judge Darvas wrote. “The court’s decision rests solely upon the plain statutory mandate of RCW 35A.01.040(7) …”

To read the full decision, click here (PDF file).

This is a developing story which we are following closely…


7 Responses to “Judge strikes down measure to increase minimum pay in SeaTac to $15/hour”
  1. Concerned Business says:

    Maybe now Gregerson, Bush and Ladenburg will have to pay back the union all that money they spent to buy their council seats for them. The SeaTac voters be aware of the council seats coming up and watch how much funds are being spent to try to buy the 2 seats by outside interest . Council women Gregerson will have to come up with a new catch phrase for the people of so called gold.

    • anon says:

      but but that multiple signature game works for elections !!

      did they misspell the graveyard names the same way ??

  2. Darrell Jacobson says:

    I am very dissapointed as I wanted to see these hard workers to receive a living wage. I can afford to pay more for fast food. We all should pay more to support these worker’s. If I can help in anyway give me a call 206-214-5313. Darrell

    • No minimum wage! says:

      Fast food jobs are supposed to be filled by High Schoolers & College kids, not Adult illegal Aliens who jump ship every couple of months when their Social Security card doesn’t check out. If the Airport workers don’t like what they are currently being paid, then find another job that pays more. This country is built on a capitalist system of supply & demand. Not government pay mandates, like the ones that have crippled Europe.

    • Concerned Business says:

      Darrell just starting paying their rent and food bills if you are that concerned, do not put SeaTac in charge of business’s,
      these clowns are screwing up the city now. Why would we want their nose in private business’s.

  3. Earl Gipson says:

    Having ran two petition drives myself (elected mayor), all this hair pulling was totally uncalled for. They had access to the voters rolls just as I had. I automatically verified each signature against the voters rolls and disregarded double signatures and lack of dates or other missing data. We kept collecting signatures until I KNEW we had the required amount plus 10 percent for good measure.

    What is amazing is that I did the checking myself and they had a staff!

    While I had problems with lots of parts of this Initiative this was not expected. Those running the petition drive should have their pay reduced whatever it is.

    • Michael T Kovacs says:


      They should go back to school and learn basic math skills again. 1 + 1 does not equal 3. 1 + 1 = 2. Maybe Outside Observer who is a school teacher can help tutor them all and bring them up to educated levels to obtain career advancement to make more than $15.00/hour?

      What amazes me is that Julie Wise at King County Elections and SeaTac Election officials with Un-Elected Mayor Tony Anderson in charge had disregard for the law. Village idiots running the system.

      Michael T Kovacs