Scenes from the 2nd annual ‘Taste of Tukwila’

Story and photos by Pam Fernald

September 20th was the second annual Taste of Tukwila and I attended with some friends. What a fun community mini event! You could get a cultural ‘taste’ of music, dance and food all at once.

If you put a sticker on the world map to indicate where you were originally from, you got 3 free tickets to sample 3 different ethnic foods. My sticker went on Tukwila, my husband’s went on Maine and my friend’s stickers went on Mongolia and South Dakota.

I tasted the Hawaiian donut, a Kenyan veggie Somosa and Japanese yakisoba. Very tasty indeed. There was also tacos, tamales, chicken skewers, Thai crunch salad bites, Sudanese kunafa dessert and more.

There were information tables staffed with Council members, Police, Waste Management, Parks and Rec, Human services folks as well as tables for the children’s clothing bank and Henna artists.

If you’ve seen other events I’ve posted in the past, you know I have a fondness for colorful, twirling dancing and costumes. I was in the right place at the Taste of Tukwila!

Kids from Tukwila Elementary and Showalter Middle schools entertained with several dances including their version of the Mexican Hat Dance. While I was meandering through the information and food tables, there was break dancing and some hip hop music going on and Foster High students performed songs. Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of those performances because I was feeding my face, but I did get photos of the Mariachi Band, the kids dancing and a most amazing traditional Aztec dance group called Ce Atl Tonallia, which also included awesome drumming.

They danced for almost an hour and just before they finished, it started to pour down rain.

Enjoy my photos:

t o t general

t of t aztec 2

t of t aztec 3

t of t aztec 4

t of t aztec 5

t of t aztec 6

t of t aztec 8

t of t Aztec dance 1

t of t aztec9

t of t dresses 2 (2)

t of t dresses 4

t of t dresses 5 (2)

t of t dresses

t of t general 2

t of t general 3

t of t group

t of t henna hands

t of t little kids 1

t of t little kids 2

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