SeaTac Police intercept student bringing Stun Gun to Chinook Middle School

At about 8 a.m. Friday morning (Dec. 13), SeaTac Police acted on a tip and stopped a student arriving at Chinook Middle School who was in possession of a stun gun.

The student, a 13-year old male, was seen at a bus stop by a parent (not the parent of the student with the weapon) with what looked like a gun. The parent advised Chinook Middle School staff, who alerted the School Resource Officer. The School Resource Officer and other SeaTac Officers located and stopped a bus arriving at Chinook Middle School that was associated with the bus stop where the student was seen.

The student with the stun gun made officers aware of the weapon as all the students on the bus were being taken off one at a time. Students, backpacks, and the bus itself were searched for weapons; the stun gun was the only weapon found. All other students were safely sent on to class.

The student with the weapon was taken to the Youth Services Center and booked for RCW 9.41.280; Dangerous Weapons on School Facilities, a gross misdemeanor. It is unknown at this time why the student was bringing the weapon to school.

“I have asked the School Resource Officer to coordinate a meeting with the parents of this student to identify their needs and to educate them as appropriate to the ramifications of the actions taken by their child,” said SeaTac Police Chief Lisa Mulligan.

The Chinook Middle School Dean of Students and Head of School Security were both present and working with police throughout the incident.


2 Responses to “SeaTac Police intercept student bringing Stun Gun to Chinook Middle School”
  1. Dan Decker says:

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    You think You have a Fire Chief and Police Chief, think again they are in name only. Do a public disclosure on them, You will be sent the County and a different town to get the information. Good Luck with the City’s over taxing You.

  2. Dan Decker says:

    Ooooops, forgot the garbage contract. Looks like everything is contracted out in SeaTac! Why is there a City called SeaTac? I mean other than to collect extra taxes for the State and County? I have noticed no benefit for the people living in the City of SeaTac. Just a City called extra tax-action! Bye for now.