An open Letter to the City of SeaTac from Mayor Tony Anderson

An Open Letter to The City of SeaTac, Wash.  

Update: Military Road South Improvement Project

By Mayor Tony Anderson

As many of you are aware, construction began on the Military Road South Improvements from South 176th Street to South 166th Street in Novemeber of 2013.  The road is closed for the duration of the project due to the narrow width of the roadway, to shorten the duration of the project, and to provide a safer environment for the construction workers and the travelling public. Construction is scheduled to be complete in the early spring of 2015. Only emergency vehicles, and residents traveling to homes adjacent to the project are allowed access within the road closure.

We appreciate your continued patience during this time, and apologize for any inconvenience the road closure may cause you and your families. Please continue to support local area businesses north of S 166th Street, since they are open and fully accessible during the construction.  Please know that every reasonable effort will be made to minimize impacts to the residents affected by the road closure and construction.

This project will bring great improvements to our community. The project will improve traffic operations and increase the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The improvements include widening the roadway to provide an additional two-way left turn lane, bicycle lanes, curb, gutter and sidewalks.  Street lighting will be improved, new storm drainage infrastructure will be constructed, and the pavement will be resurfaced.  The existing traffic signal at South 176th Street will be modified and a new traffic signal will be added at South 170th Street.  Overhead utility lines will be relocated underground and poles will be removed.  Highline Water District’s water main will be replaced.

For more information and detour maps, please visit the project’s website at  For on-going project and construction updates, follow SeaTac Public Works on Twitter at @SeaTacPW and use the hash tag #MilitaryRdS.

Tony Anderson


18 Responses to “An open Letter to the City of SeaTac from Mayor Tony Anderson”
  1. Mike Condon says:

    Please share what reasonable efforts are being made to minimize the effect on business.
    As who ever thought that putting a ad in a newspaper that’s circulation is not that big, will help these business’s should be fired, as they have know idea about helping business in this situation!!!!

    • Hmmm says:

      Wow Mike, you darned if you make the city better, and darned if you dont. So blame the city council ( your friends as well) for the road work and the impact on businesses. It needs to happen to protect the residents while they are walking.
      Still waiting to see if you are going to keep your promise? Instead of complaining, work together with city staff, council, and residents on the issues it works wonders. You may not see eye to eye, but at least you will have a voice, and not a negative one.

      • Mike Condon says:

        Move to SeaTac then pop off hmmmm, And you still have failed to disclose this so called “Promise” But your poor life is so mundane you have to take issues with me. I really feel sorry for you, Hopefully one day you will get a life, but until then keep posting because you amuse me. Thanks for the laughs!!

        • Hmm says:

          I am happy where I live thank you… For a few reasons….1st I dont have to deal with the $15 hr minimum wage, 2nd I dont have to hear about you whining and complaining because the council ( some of them your friends as well ) doesnt support small busineses, and 3rd I dont have to hear Mr Kovacs yelling and calling people names. You are the first to state that the city doesnt do anything to support businesses, but in the same
          breath you yell at the city to stay out of your business. If you dont like it, move! It was funny to see you on the news stating that if the prop passes that you would move. But we will see if you will keep your promise. Whats even funnier is that Starbucks would look at your location if you do leave. Either way, I amuse myself l watching you get all riled up! Happy New years !!! I think you said that you had a three month lease.

          • Mike Condon says:

            He he he who is riled up??? I am sure since you know who my friends are, you must also know I worked for the green monster for many years. And I know they would never look at this location. I am sure you trailer is very nice,
            so please stay where you are. 🙂

          • Hmm says:

            Toot toot toot toot…… Most places dont need to toot their own horns as much as you do on facebook. Wow. Your head is getting just as big as your mouth. Im done with you Mr Condon, please dont come out towards my trailer park since we dont need you out here in the sticks.

          • Michael T Kovacs says:

            The yelling seems to work for Socialist City Council member Kshama Sawant.

          • Mike Condon says:

            You are so right, maybe we should just stop helping all of these children. if you and all the people that like your comments will step up and do these things to help the kids, I will stop tooting my own horn!! But until you and your friends that seem to dislike my comments, and my helping kids in SeaTac, step up to the plate and help them. I guess I will do all I can to improve their life’s!!!! And Thank you so much for visiting our facebook page.

  2. Andrew says:

    I would have preferred the road be passable and under construction for longer rather than completely impassable. I’m sure the affected businesses would agree.

  3. Earl Gipson says:

    That would be an open letter from UN-ELECTED Mayor Tony Anderson lest we forget.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Calling Mayor Tony Anderson Unelected doesn’t jive with state law Mr. Gipson.

      Chapter 35.18 RCW –

      Mayor — Election — Vacancy.
      Biennially at the first meeting of the new council the members thereof shall choose a chair from among their number who shall have the title of mayor. In addition to the powers conferred upon him or her as mayor, he or she shall continue to have all the rights, privileges and immunities of a member of the council. If a vacancy occurs in the office of mayor, the members of the council at their next regular meeting shall select a mayor from among their number for the unexpired term.

      • Michael T Kovacs says:

        Dear Mr Martinez,

        The law states as quoted; “new council the members thereof shall choose” and “members of the council at their next regular meeting shall select”. There is only shall choose and shall select worded into the law, not ELECTED. So Mr Anderson is an unelected mayor by the citizens of SeaTac. The citizens never elected him under a Mayor-Council form of government. He was chosen and slected as chair of the council.

        Good Day!

        • Joey Martinez says:

          If we want to play semantics and pick and choose what we want to publish…
          Mayor — Election — Vacancy.

          Under the form of Government SeaTac presently has (Council Manager) this is how the mayor is elected. He is elected by and from the 7 council members who were duly elected. I know there have been several attempts to change the form of government, and until that succeeds this is your form of government.

          The way I like to do things is to see how I would feel about situations if they were reversed. Would you call the mayor “unelected” if you were supportive of them and their policies?

          Good day to you as well.

          Joey Martinez

          • Michael T Kovacs says:

            Thats what Tony Anderson says. You must be channeling him. He complains all the time about us calling him the unelected mayor. If the citizens elect the mayor then we can call him the elected mayor.

          • Tbc says:

            Watch out good citizens of Sea Tac!! Me thinks Joey is looking to run in your city. I think he finally got the hint from us folks in Burien and now is looking for new prey. Bet he rents an apartment there soon!!! Keep your eyes open.

          • Joey Martinez says:

            Michael, would you call one of the council members you support, elected by the council to Mayor, “unelected mayor” in your current form of government?

            Tbc – yes, I just got an apartment on Angle Lake 😉 Next will be next to the park on Lake Burien – once the GMB challenge is resolved. 😡

          • Michael T Kovacs says:


            I would call any of the 7 council members unelected mayor. The City Manager – Council form of goverment is misleading to call the chair a mayor. After supporting two props gathering signatures for an elected mayor people are surprised we dont elect our own mayor from the people. Thats why they sign the petition for an elected mayor. As you can see if you go back through King County Election results for the propositions that were on the ballot, and I think its 4 total it loses by a close margin. Matter of fact the 2009 had legimate votes not counted and would have passed so the citizens could elect their own mayor.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Great to hear Mr Kovacs. I would agree that the council manager form of government is confusing for the typical citizen. However, it doesn’t help to give your opinion on the matter so matter of fact.

      And for the record I am in favor of an elected mayor as a default. As a Burien resident (and former SeaTac resident), I look at what an elected mayor would be in charge of and I personally feel an elected mayor would be a waste. I would be in favor if Burien had our own Police department, fire department or a combined sewer/water department.

      As it stands, an elected mayor would be in charge of Parks, Planning, Economic Development, and Public works. For me, a full time mayor wouldn’t be effective. I would be in favor of an elected chair (with the title of Mayor) over the council selecting the mayor.

      Joey Martinez