Critic asks SeaTac Mayor Mia Gregerson to resign; she does not respond

by Jack Mayne

A minor flap at the SeaTac City Council meeting Tuesday night occurred when city critic (and SeaTac Blog columnist) Earl Gipson asked recently-named Mayor Mia Gregerson to resign from the Council.

The issue, lasting a brief time at the Council’s opening, came when Gipson spoke during citizen comment time,

“I am going to ask for the resignation of our current mayor from the SeaTac City Council,” he said.

He was interrupted by a point of order from former Mayor Tony Anderson, noting that Council rules forbid pointing out a specific member for comment, but Gipson said he was selecting a city position for comment, not a person.

Mayor Gregerson then suggested Gipson “finish up, please.”

Gipson responded by saying he believes Gregerson got the “gist of what I am saying. I don’t think you can serve those two positions.”

She made no response to his comments. Council members have a rule that they will not respond to citizen comments at the public sessions.

New Mayor Mia Gregerson was appointed to replace state Rep. Dave Upthegrove, who was elected in November to the King County Council. The appointment of Gregerson was unusual because it went against the first choice of Democratic precinct committee officers in the 33rd Legislative District. It had favored Kent City Councilmember Elizabeth Albertson for the position. A member of the same political party as the departing member must fill vacancies.

A state legislator is paid $42,000 a year and the mayor of SeaTac is paid $14,000 a year.

With that, he left the podium and the Council meeting continued with other matters.

Gipson started his comments by restating a request of the past few years.

“I am going to ask again for a city-wide code of ethics. I have been doing this for … three years. We don’t have a code of ethics for our city and I see a dire need for it. I have watched over the past few years the different elections.”

He commented the city Proposition 1 election had over $2 million spent and only a “point 02 percent better turnout.”

“I want people to actually pay attention to what is going in our city.”

City travel
The Council voted to pre-approve travel for its members and the city manager.

City Manager Todd Cutts and new Council member Kathryn Campbell was approved to spend $239 each for a City Action Days meeting.

Former Mayor Tony Anderson, City Manager Todd Cutts and Council member Kathryn Campbell were allotted $2,570 each for the National League of Cities’ Congressional Cities Conference.

The Council also approved a motion authorizing use of Angle Lake Park budget funds to construct a lifeguard building, new fishing dock and boat dock.


4 Responses to “Critic asks SeaTac Mayor Mia Gregerson to resign; she does not respond”
  1. Monica Johansen says:

    So let me get this straight: So now we are paying a non-elected “Mayor” and Legislator to represent the very citizens she called idiots in the last stages of syphilis, as well as lunatics, was reported to the PDC and subsequently fined for violating RCW’s, all after threatening suicide when she thought she might be revealed, all while sitting on the Council. NICE! I agree with Mr. Gipson. Resigning would be the ethical and honest thing to do.

  2. Janice Taylor says:

    Ms. Gregerson and her ilk have turned Seatac into Chicago-lite. They have no scruples about buying votes and selling their influence. Isn’t it rather amazing the citizens of Seatac were put through the Prop 1 wringer when the proponents knew they had no legal right in Port of Seattle matters?
    I’ve been a life-long Democrat. Ms. Gregerson and her “Progressive” pals, those same folks who strong-armed to put Ms. Gregerson into Mr. Upthegrove’s position, have made me seriously rethink my allegiance. To me, they are no better that the Tea Party. They lie, cheat, misrepresent, shout down. They are flat-out hypocrites. The worst is that THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE how they affect their community as long as their agenda is furthered. That is scary.
    Ms. Gregerson should have resigned a long time ago. Any person with a modicum of ethics and morals would have. But we are not getting that type of person in politics. Think Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Rob Blagojevick–all “good” Democrats with corrupt souls—Demon-crats. I see no difference with Ms. Gregerson.

  3. Donna Brudevold says:

    And I supported cityhood. Maybe we would have been better off staying with King County.

    Have we only two with integrity, Pam Fernald and Terry Anderson?

  4. seatac says:

    john wyble of winpower strategies has been manipulating seatac elections since 2010. this is the guy behind mia gregerson, kathryn campbell, dave bush, sally andrews, and dozens of other corrupt politicians and political action committees (PACs) always running smear campaigns: