VIDEO: King County Sheriff’s Office chases stolen vehicle through SeaTac

On Saturday (Jan. 25), the King County Sheriff’s Office chased a stolen car through the streets of SeaTac, ending up in Renton, where the driver got out of the car and tried – unsuccessfully – to run away.

Numerous cruisers pursued the suspect, starting in SeaTac and capturing him at the intersection of S. Grady and Talbot in Renton, and it was all caught on infrared video by KCSO’s Guardian One helicopter.

Highlights include the suspect driving the wrong direction on the freeway, a couple of PIT maneuver attempts, then finally ditching the car in traffic and trying to run away on foot around 13:12:


3 Responses to “VIDEO: King County Sheriff’s Office chases stolen vehicle through SeaTac”
  1. Vicki Lockwood says:

    Thank you for making this availabe to us. This video exemplifies the challenges our Police Dept. faces every day in SeaTac and the professional way they handle these incidents. Public safety remained of utmost concern in this incident, inter-city co-ordination was smooth and one more thug is off our streets. Thank you to all of our public safety officers. Guardian One was crucial in the success of this incident!

  2. Michael T Kovacs says:

    My wife and I almost got hit by this nut before the parade of police cars were traveling west bound at South 188th Street and INternational Boulvard. Then we ended up in Renton near the location where the driver ran away. Too close for us to experience the middle and end of the chase. Good job by law enforcement.

  3. Melissa says:

    I am a citizen of Sea-Tac/McMicken Heights. We have been having problems with neighbors who live in trash, landlords don’t do a thing and our CITY Sea-Tac, “can’t” meaning “won’t” do anything. We have sent many many many letters, emails and pictures to the city and code enforcement. They both say there’s only so much they can do. We’ve gone to the city council meetings and community meeting, only to find out we are not the only people to be having such a mess. Many of us have been in this neighborhood for nearly our whole lives. It’s disgusting the landlords are slumlords and the drug dealers and users and thieves are taking over. I am very disappointed. The City, Police and Code Enforcement need to figure out how to get these losers out so the Good Citizens can and will stay!!!!!!!! FED UP!!!