Three candidates file for 33rd Legislative District, Position #2


Three candidates for position 2 of the 33rd Legislative District have already made filings with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission.

There is, of course, the appointed incumbent Democrat, Mia Gregerson, who also serves as a SeaTac City Councilmember and council-elected mayor of SeaTac.

The other two candidates are Kent City Councilmember Elizabeth A. Albertson, a Democrat, and Des Moines City Councilmember Jeanette R. Burrage, a Republican.

Gregerson was appointed to the legislature on the resignation of Dave Upthegrove when he was elected in November to the King County Council and over the preferred choice of Kent City Councilmember Albertson.


14 Responses to “Three candidates file for 33rd Legislative District, Position #2”
  1. Monica Johansen says:

    Come on, voters! Let’s be smart and get Socialist Gregerson out of office and vote in either Albertson or Burrage! We all know that Albertson was appointed and that decision was overturned by “The Council” Hmmmmmmmmm! and … wow … Gregerson was forced down our throats. The election is the only chance we have to make this right!

  2. Dorinda says:

    And perhaps we can then do the same thing in the City and vote Mia out in 2015. Let’s make it a clean sweep!

  3. Earl Gipson says:

    One person holding two paid elected offices is wrong. And not only wrong in this case it is SO ill advised for one such as Ms. Gregerson whose attitude towards her constituents is cavalier at best and destructive by observation.

    Lets not forget that Ms. Gregerson was found in violation of campaign laws in 2013 for the 2009 SeaTac election. I read the findings and listened to the audio testimony from public record. Listening to her testimony, I do not believe that she did it “accidentally” and without knowledge and obviously nor did the PDC investigators. That 2009 election ended with the ELECTED Mayor proposition being defeated by 9 votes with Ms. Gregerson’s help and questionable vote counting by King County Elections (that was the year of our ballot box break in too, by the way).

    Lets not forget that Ms. Gregerson outspent her City Council opponent by almost 7 to 1 and winning by just 31 votes in 2011 with HEAVY and unprecedented union backing/spending in this City. In Ms. Gregerson’s possibly warped mind this was a mandate of some sort and she still continues to alienate her “other” constituents and those within her own party (don’t think for a minute our Council positions are actually non-partisan as claimed).

    Lets not forget what Ms. Gregerson really thinks of her constituents. As her emails revealed, Ms. Gregersons thinks we were mentally deficient and in the last stages of syphilis. (her words, public record-email regarding Citizens attending a coffee chat).

    I could continue ad nauseam but I am making myself ill.

    I would not vote for Ms. Gregerson for dogcatcher (she would probably kick the dogs while we weren’t looking). Her claim to have friends in high places must be true because I see NO reason for her political career to keep advancing.

    For Ms. Albertson and Ms. Burrage, my vote is yours to lose. I may be one vote but I will try to meet you both before the election and hopefully contribute to your efforts with either my time or money. Both of your credentials/experience exceed Ms. Gregerson’s and I hope that you feel as I do that we want the best for Cities/Region and stop the downward spiral.

  4. Jim Thomson says:

    The only true way to change this narriative is to educated, inform and for people to vote. I know that yhe 33rd is having their caucus the 9th of March let me know if you want an invite… it is taking place in Seatac.

  5. Kathleen Brave says:

    I would like invite to caucus
    Would also love Gregorson gone.

  6. Eugene Cruz says:

    Earl, “YES” for your support that you’ve asked.

    Thank you.

  7. Monica Johansen says:

    Everyone must check this link out! Read the article! Bravo, Mr. Albertson! Bravo!

  8. Outside Observer says:

    Anyone who thinks that Elizabeth Albertson is a better alternative than Mia Gregerson has another thing coming. As a Kent voter, I know of her record well. She’s not someone you want representing us at the state level. I’d look to ANYONE else if you’re looking to replace Mia as the 33rd district rep.

  9. Janice Taylor says:

    I, too, would like to be invited to the Caucus. Unlike most of Ms. Gregerson’s supporters for the recent Seatac debacle known as Prop 1, I’ve been an active voter for almost 40 years. Like the Tea Party has done for the Republicans, the Progressives are marginalizing the moderate stalwarts of the Democratic Party. At least in Seatac, their tactics are odious and their actions and statements hypocritical. We do not need that in our state politics. Like the rest of the country, Washington still is encumbered by a slow economy and incompetent Federal government. We need people on a state level who will work together to formulate viable plans that include methods to measure results and mitigate problems. We do not need knee-jerk legislation based on delusions of grandeur or invincibility. We do not need endless money-sucking studies and committees while expecting already strapped citizens to foot the bill. We need representatives from our district who understand Washington is a big state with differing, but not insurmountable opinions. We do not need people accustomed to always having their own way or resorting to temper tantrums and name-calling. As a long-time citizen of Seatac, I just do not think Ms. Gregerson is the person for the job.