Tony Anderson appointed to Fire District Board

SeaTac Deputy Mayor Tony Anderson has been appointed to a non-voting advisory position on the Kent Fire Department Regional Fire Authority Governance Board.

Because of the recent contract for services between the City of SeaTac and the Kent Fire Department RFA, a new seat was added on the board. When the Kent Fire Department first formed as a Regional Fire Authority in 2010, it represented three main response areas: the City of Kent, the City of Covington, and King County Fire District 37.


One Response to “Tony Anderson appointed to Fire District Board”
  1. Earl Gipson says:

    The article/press release conveniently does not mention who appointed Tony Anderson. Looking at our City codes I will assume it was un-elected Mayor Gregerson and no Council concurrence required. Is it just me or are we seeing a pattern here (and not a good one)?

    The question is where there any other applicants/Council members interested? My guess is yes but we may never know. Verbal and background agreements seem to be the order of the day in SeaTac.

    Our “open” government is closing in on us as we speak and its no wonder Ms. Gregerson and Mr. Anderson both endorse a state Public Records Request limiting statute. It is up to us, the voters, to stop this trend.