King County Sheriff K9 ‘Frodo’ bags the Bad Guys even after being injured


Just after 2 a.m. Saturday morning (May 3), King County Sheriff’s Police Dog ‘Frodo’ was injured while tracking several armed robbery suspects in the 16500 block of International Boulevard South in SeaTac.

Police say that suspects pulled a gun on the victim, demanded money, then struck him in the head with the pistol. After taking cash, they ran away on foot. When the first deputy arrived on scene she saw the suspects and they ran from her into a nearby fenced area.

K9 ‘Frodo,’ a two-year old German shepherd, was deployed and was immediately on the suspects’ trail through the fenced area. Unknown to Frodo’s handler, Deputy Roland Gervacio, there was razor wire hidden in vegetation. As Frodo tracked he was cut on his left front leg and nose. In spite of being injured and bleeding from the laceration, Frodo persevered, continuing on the track. In less than ten minutes he located a male and female suspect hiding in the overgrown lot. Also recovered from beside the two suspects was a handgun.

Both suspects were juveniles, and the male was booked into the Youth Center for investigation of robbery as well as for a couple of felony warrants. The female was transported to a hospital for treatment of cuts believed to also be from the razor wire.

Frodo was taken to a veterinarian clinic and received five stitches to his leg:


“He is one of our newest K9 partners, only on the street since March of 2014,” police said. “He was back to work the following evening, ready to sniff out more bad guys.”


One Response to “King County Sheriff K9 ‘Frodo’ bags the Bad Guys even after being injured”
  1. Vicki Lockwood says:

    Thank you Frodo and your uniformed friends! We are so tired of these creeps in our neighborhoods … we’re thankful for all of you.