The Cactus Speaks: Everybody Dance

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Earl Gipson is a view of SeaTac city government. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff. We are seeking additional regular columnists to reflect opinions and views of SeaTac residents. Those interested can e-mail us at [email protected].]

by Earl Gipson

At Tuesday’s SeaTac Council meeting and Study Session we had the usual, recreation fees going up, code enforcement going up, down and all around and everybody dance.

Modest increases in fees for the usage of ball fields, banquet rooms, etc. were approved by the Council. Some fees have ranges that can be implemented by the staff where they see a need without the Council’s approval [such as they need a raise, price of marijuana too high, and/or cost of inflation (helium for balloons I guess)]. Council Member Ladenburg was very enthused on this point and failing to see any union officials/campaign donor’s backside to kiss he proclaimed “we have the best staff in King County!” Told you we have fun at Council Meetings.

SeaTac Code Enforcement/Compliance continues to be an issue in our fair City. “Fair” could mean pleasing to the eye, sarcastic take on the Citizens being treated equally, and/or a so-so place to live. Guess which way I meant it. Aaanyway, in Public Comment SeaTac Citizen Jean Warner lamented it was too easy to file a complaint about a neighbor regarding code violations and her neighbors spying on her property (without drones/wire taps mind you). This is the flip side of the neighbor’s complaints against them in April 8th’s Council Meeting (I look this stuff up, you know). This conflict could be just the lack of an English language barrier or needing a taller fence.

Speaking of imports and a slick segue, we have a new Code Enforcement/Compliance Coordinator, Heidi Skinner, coming all the way from North Las Vegas (local talent being absent). This will take care of the Code problems? Our last Coordinator lasted about a year. I hope we provided for getting our relocation costs back.

In other news, supposed retired County Council member and SeaTac mob boss, Julia Patterson was appointed by Governor Inslee to the State Gambling Commission (, King County Executive Dow Constantine kicks voters in the crotch for not raising taxes (, and in You-Tube videos from the Somalian Community ( &, un-elected SeaTac Mayor Gregerson shows how much she really cares (still laughing at those). Did you know she no longer lives at Angle Lake and now resides closer to me? Kind of made my day (not). Did the Shore Club kick her out or is she trying to raise my property value (local comedy)? Iraq stable as ever (global comedy).

I am so busy winning popularity awards I’ll stop here. No wait…one just got cancelled. Something about “getting their lips off my butt” and “I’m not going to donate to your charity”…so I have time for more stuff.

Some Senior Citizens are beginning to ask; “how will a $15 an hour minimum wage affect me?” Not at all if you don’t eat, have dementia (and don’t know if you still do eat or what for), and/or just stay locked in your home (if you still can afford one) and enjoy your golden years. That’s probably in poor taste.

I forgot to mention SeaTac Council Member Campbell stated she is very busy (as in every Council meeting) and is going to the AWC (Association of Washington Cities) in Spokane on our dime and is going to give us a full report like she did for the NLC conference in Washington D.C. (where her lodging cost three times of our other “necessary” SeaTac Council members attending). Darned if I can find Campbell’s last report. Is there a Motel 6 around there?

And lastly, rumor has it that SeaTac Council Member Tony Anderson is retiring from the Port of Seattle at the end of the month and moving to Somalia. No more double dipping in government coffers for him! He apologized to China, North Korea, and Russia stating they weren’t screwed up enough. I make joke.

Gotta go. Everybody dance.

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