FAA approves Sea-Tac Airport’s Part 150 Noise Study

The Port of Seattle announced on Tuesday (June 24) that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Sea-Tac Airport’s Part 150 Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study.

The study is designed to identify significant existing and future noise impacts within areas surrounding the airport and recommend actions to address those impacts.

A copy of the FAA’s Record of Approval, which includes summaries of the study’s noise mitigation measures, is available on the Part 150 Study website. Further information regarding condominium insulation is expected soon from the FAA.

Port staff will now begin work on developing a Part 150 Study prioritization plan for the Port of Seattle Commission’s consideration.

Sea-Tac Airport is known for having one of the most comprehensive noise reduction programs in the nation and the approval of the study will help the port to further minimize the impact of airport noise on its neighboring communities.


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