Police shoot suspected burglar in SeaTac

The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a burglar was shot and wounded by a police officer, while another escaped from the 4600 block of S. 176th Street in SeaTac Tuesday afternoon, July 29.

Sgt. DB Gates said that deputies were responding to a burglary call on S. 176th Street, where a woman called to report two intruders in her home Tuesday afternoon. Gates says the woman and a 3-year-old child were inside the home during the break-in and hid in a room.

Here are some Tweets sent out by the Sheriff’s office:


4 Responses to “Police shoot suspected burglar in SeaTac”
  1. Earl Gipson says:

    Welcome to Julia Paterson’s and Mia Gregerson’s South King County. Criminals getting bolder all the time. I sure hope they don’t charge the police officer. BTW: How’s that “social justice” thing working out for us?

  2. Michael T Kovacs says:

    How about that political campaign card mailed for Mia Gregerson? Shows a photo of Mia Gregerson and Julia Patterson. “People you can trust” I would not trust them with anything and let alone being honest. They got to their political posts of not being trustworthy with the citizens on decisions or spending our tax money wisely.

    http://www.seataccoverup.com and http://www.takeseatacback.org

    • Michael T Kovacs says:

      Monday night, August 4 around 8 PM there was an incident at the Union 76 gas station where there was a massive police response. Does the SeaTac Blog have any informaiton to contribute for awareness of crime activity for the citizens of SeaTac. No red code alert issued as in the past to citizens via phone calls.

  3. Sydni says:

    RE: situation at Union 76 station
    I would appreciate being notified via phone or electronic (SeaTac Blog, Twitter) when the police are in my neighborhood with their dogs. Thanks.