‘Get Your Green On’ event at SeaTac Community Center Wednesday, Aug. 13


Get valuable information on how you can be more environmentally friendly and ‘waste wise’ in your home, how to dispose of hazardous products, and how you can protect our natural waterways – at the ‘Get Your Green On’ event on Wednesday, Aug. 13 – from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

“Come and see our unique ‘cap’tivating fish mascot, and enter your guess on how many bottle caps it is made of for a chance to win a personal refillable stainless steel Kleen Kanteen drink container,” reads an announcement.

FREE BioBags (while supplies last) for your kitchen counter food scrap container, and FREE kitchen counter food scrap containers to the first 50 SeaTac residents (must have curbside collection service with Recology CleanScapes).

Purchase at low cost (while supplies last): rain barrels – $25, compost bins – $25 (one compost bin per person). Dan Borba of Natural Rainwater will be available to answer questions on setting up and using your rain barrel.

Small business interested in trimming your ‘waste’ or becoming EnviroStars Certified? Eirik O’Neal of Corporate Recycling Services will be on hand to discuss your unique business recycling needs, and ways to reduce your waste to the landfill. EnviroStars applications and information on program qualifications will be at the event tables, and city staff will be available to answer questions on the EnviroStars Certification process that the city went through to become 5-Star Certified.

Got a code compliance question? Come meet and talk with Code Compliance Program Coordinator Heidi Skinner.

Do you have questions regarding the city’s new solid waste collector Recology CleanScapes? Megan McCain from Recology CleanScapes will be there to answer all your questions.

For more information, please contact Trudy Olson, Resource Conservation/Neighborhood Programs Coordinator, at 973.4763.

The SeaTac Community Center is located at 13735 24th Ave S.


4 Responses to “‘Get Your Green On’ event at SeaTac Community Center Wednesday, Aug. 13”
  1. Janice Taylor says:

    11:00am -3:00pm? So those of us with jobs are outta luck. on this one.
    Great planning, SeaTac.

  2. Michael T Kovacs says:

    Its a political event for canidates from the Julia Patterson party to campaign. I mean 33rd District Democrats.

  3. Dorinda says:

    Janice, you don’t really believe these events are for those of us with jobs, do you? I hope you are not thinking the city gives a damn about taxpayers. Mr. Kovacs is correct, this was a campaign event, pay-back by our vaunted “mayor” Mia Gregerson. Pay back for what, you ask? Looks like Recology made a nice donation to her 33rd LD campaign fund. Those donations don’t come free.

    I would be interested, though, to see if Mia had any code compliance questions for Ms. Skinner. I’m pretty sure parking your car on your front lawn, even if it is one of those little roller-skate “smart” cars, is against our city code. You might want to check that out, Ms. Mayor. There’s an awful lot of junk in your backyard, too. Visible to the public. Pretty sure that’s not to code either.

  4. Earl Gipson says:

    What is exactly is our Code Compliance Coordinator going to “coordinate” when our sole Code Compliance Officer (Barbara Canfield) has just left the employ of our City to work for Burien?