The Cactus Speaks: Tone Deaf and Out of Touch

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Earl Gipson is a view of SeaTac city government. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff. We are seeking additional regular columnists to reflect different opinions and views of SeaTac residents. Those interested can e-mail us at [email protected].]

by Earl Gipson

Code Enforcement, City Can’t Take a Hint

In the Study Session Tuesday, despite years of asking (by myself and others), the City hires another Code Coordinator WITHOUT bilingual or multilingual abilities. We had TWO Code Enforcement “Officers”. One was let go and one went to Burien (no language skills there either). Now we have “Coordinators” which translated means higher paychecks and more PowerPoint presentations. Prove me wrong. That takes data and that data is no longer available on the City website as it used to be. Some members of the Council keep talking about diversity. Well where the heck is it in our staff?

This was a “no brainer” and just reinforced my opinion of our City’s leadership’s brains. This is no reflection on the qualifications of the people they did hire but with translators following them around we have additional costs and less effectiveness. Go ahead and try to tell us you could find no qualified bilingual or multilingual candidates. I say you are full of it. Ferguson couldn’t find any diverse Police Officers either and they allegedly gave it their best try. Right.

How Depressing!

In the Council meeting, we had a presentation of the Chinook Middle School’s poetry winners. Maybe I’m a curmudgeon (or becoming one) but City Council meetings are for CITY business. The schools have assemblies, etc for this stuff. I have read poetry and even brought various musical instruments (no talent there) to the Council Meetings but it was ALWAYS related to City business. There was sparse humor and a very dark picture of what our children are facing in our Highline schools. Using the down trodden, poor, and perhaps underserved as political props for the Council and Highline School District is how I saw it but then again our Council leadership has no shame, and apparently nor does the School District after the last bond failure.

Sound Transit Light Rail Extension Alignments
Per Sound Transit, they could be anywhere! The City has no say and Sound Transit presented their many options at Thursday’s Council meeting as Citizens and businesses hold their breath as to where the new crime hubs will be (transit stations).

Run for SeaTac City Council, Please!
It is time for our Citizens to think about running for office. Those that know me also know why I do not but I, and others, can sure help those who do with the technicalities. We have loads of people far more qualified/ethical than most of our incumbents and help is out there for first timers. Filing dates are April 27th through May 15. You should review the below document for starters.

Also, start writing your voter’s pamphlet statement now (see above for word count/content/deadlines). Have friends and neighbors review it so you are ready when the time comes to submit it. One less thing to worry about as your campaign gets under way.

We will talk about the PDC (Public Disclosure Commission) and its requirements in another column.

There is a joint Planning Commission/City Council Meeting on Tuesday at City Hall. See you there. City Calendar:


One Response to “The Cactus Speaks: Tone Deaf and Out of Touch”
  1. Dan Decker says:

    Remember there is really no City of SeaTac. There is a City of contracted all departments. But no City of SeaTac. Do a Public Disclosure and the City will refuse to respond, except to tell you “That department is contracted out” can’t, wont help you there.
    Police Contracted Out:
    Fire Department Contracted Out:
    All Water Departments Contracted Out:
    Construction Contracted Out:
    Building Roads Contracted Out:
    City Council Sold You Out:
    Wait, wait. The people sold themselves out.
    So what’s new SeaTac is just another City in the United States of Fascism.
    Oh, did I say that out-loud.
    Daniel A. Decker