The Cactus Speaks: Big Words, Long Discussions, Little Substance

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Earl Gipson is a view of SeaTac city government. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff. We are seeking additional regular columnists to reflect different opinions and views of SeaTac residents. Those interested can e-mail us at [email protected].]

by Earl Gipson

Council does not endorse King County Prop #1
In a surprise move the SeaTac Council chose not to endorse Dow Constantine’s special election Prop #1 for Emergency Radio’s. It was stated by PSERN (Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network) that the vendor, Motorola, will no longer support the old radios. According to Council Member Ladenburg, that statement cannot be found and the new vendor is also Motorola for a cool $270 million. Nice work if you can get it.

Constantine’s Unnecessary Special Election costs: $1.8 million. Sounds like the Highline School District is rubbing off on someone.

154th Street Station Re-Development Area
CED Director Joe Scorcio and consultants from ULI (Urban Land Institute) briefed the Council on development possibilities. Short answer, not yet. Need more crime and blight (made that up).

Airport Director takes fifth when questioned by Council
I sat in the Sustainable Airport Master Plan Special Council meeting Thursday. It was called a “workshop” so the Public was not allowed to speak. Two hours plus of my life I won’t get back. After being grilled with softball questions and yes/no responses that took 10 minutes each, Airport Director Mark Reis, said absolutely nothing unless “we don’t know”, “we don’t know that either”, “need more meetings”, “we may never know” and “that’s a very good question” counts as answers.

The Airport Master Plan seems to be not to commit to anything but make sure you use the word “sustainable” as many times as possible. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m sure the airport has a plan but if they can avoid telling the Public or our businesses that’s a better plan. This is called community outreach (like SeaTac code enforcement).

As my backside and legs grew weary from sitting for this, un-elected Mayor Gregerson apologized for going over the time, talked for ten more minutes, and in true Valley Girlesk (you know, the question mark inflection at the end of sentences) said nothing and adjourned the “informative” meeting.

If you watch the meeting on video or were there let me know if you heard anything useful. I must have missed it. Should have mowed my lawn.

PDC shows 2 SeaTac Council Members running for re-election so far
Council Member Dave Bush (still has $4,800 leftover from 2011) and un-elected Mayor Gregerson are listed so far. Per the PDC Gregerson can transfer money back and forth from her Council and Legislative seat and shows $2,800 left over from 2011 Council election. If you recall the unions spent $30, 000 on each of them in our last election. What a system. If you need an extra $12,000 a year, sign up soon. That’s what a SeaTac Council Member gets paid. If you have any questions about running for Council you can ask them here and I will answer them as best I can and as time permits.


5 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Big Words, Long Discussions, Little Substance”
  1. Jim Thomson says:

    Earl, did not understand your take on Dow Constantine’s special election Prop #1, I am for a better system, but is this the right one and have all of the questions that need to be answered been answered. Being an X Motorola employe I know you need to be careful with what you sign, Sorry Motorola not a big fan on the way you do business,

    • Earl Gipson says:

      According to PSERN’s presentation on 03/24/15, King County Executive Dow Constantine proposed the Proposition/ordinance and the Special Election. His representative was one of the “sales people” at this meeting.

  2. Jellybean says:

    Earl-I had to laugh when you stated “If you need an extra $12,000 a year, sign up soon. That’s what a SeaTac Council Member gets paid.” Why did I laugh?

    IF the Council Members were paid $12,00/yr, City of Seatac would not be broke and had to have charge us utility taxes. Here a little more of what they also get: On top of the $1,000/mo, they get $1,538/mo ICMA 457 which is deferred compensation plan that allows to save and invest money for retirement with tax benefits, $11,000/yr food/meal budget and I’m sure if they go over, it isn’t a big deal. A $7,000 telephone budget and a $19,500 travel budget for them to take vacations to Washington DC twice a year and to go look at salmon. That is just a small chunk of what they steal from us.

    I PRAY that there will be people who will run these blood suckers out of office. I think they have taken enough money from us.

  3. Dorinda says:

    So, other than having $50,000 in outside interest money and an even more “progressive” platform, is there any way to beat an incumbent in SeaTac?

  4. Dan Decker says:

    Jellybean talks about the tax dollars spent by the council.
    Remember the council or someone pays for prostitutes to hang-out in a shelter.
    Its a place for the girls to drink coffee and get out of the cold, so it is said.
    The SeaTac police admit to giving the prostitutes money.
    Wonder what the prostitutes give in return?
    I hear the money is used for drugs or given to pimps.
    Daniel A. Decker