The Cactus Speaks: Can Our Council Fix Anything?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Earl Gipson is a view of SeaTac city government. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff. We are seeking additional regular columnists to reflect different opinions and views of SeaTac residents. Those interested can e-mail us at [email protected].]

by Earl Gipson

The SeaTac Council meeting on Tuesday the 28th was going to be routine per the agenda but not a chance.

Code Enforcement continues to dog SeaTac City Council/staff SeaTac Citizens Simon Richardson and Teresa Enciso brought forth yet another issue. A rehab facility, Oxford House, has located at 19026 47th Ave South in a Single Family zoned residential area next door to them. This is not allowed under our Municipal Code and it was asked this be addressed. As usual, City Manager Cutts was unaware and the first he heard of it (this is what happens when the City Executive doesn’t live here and can barely find SeaTac on the map).

All that travel and nada
Our four possible (and obvious) sites for the new FAA regional office just lost out to Des Moines. That’s 1600 high wage jobs we won’t be getting. Some of our Council Members seem to believe their personal agendas, travel, and political climbing is far more important that doing the job they were elected for. The Citizens, residents, and businesses come in last to those Council Members who purchased our last election. My opinion is that some Council Members reevaluate their priorities or get the heck out and pursue your own agendas on your own time and money. More travel approved for Un-elected Mayor Gregerson and “Where’s Waldo” Council Member Tony Anderson ($4k). Hey how about, SeaTac first! Sounds like a slogan for SeaTac Council challengers.

Clean up stabs Council Member Fernald, literally
Council Member Fernald’s annual clean up efforts as a co chair of Neighbors Without Borders Action Committee got a dirty needle in her hand and a hospital trip for her efforts not to mention a hostile Council when she suggested the City clean it up with some leftover funds. I sat in disbelief as the majority council (and absent Council Member “microphone” Tony Anderson) and non-resident City Manager Cutts made a gazillion excuses of why we shouldn’t. Council Member Bush in support bluntly stated to clean it up. Council Member Fernald even volunteered her annual salary to do so which caused un-elected Mayor Gregerson to slam down the gavel, call a recess, and walk out. Unfortunately she came back. See Jack Mayne’s extensive story below on this SeaTac issue:

A Socialist, a Pastor, and a Baggage Handler walk into a bar…
Socialist Kshama Sawant and friends went on trial Thursday/Friday in SeaTac for disorderly conduct. Sawant, a Seattle Council Member decided it was OK to stick her nose in another City’s business and block our traffic so now she faced a jury. The cause does not matter (my opinion) and hopefully she will go away and play in her own City from now on. Must have a lot of time on her hands. She should have her traffic blocked so she misses Seattle’s May Day “activities.” The judge later dismissed the charges and asked Ms. Sawant to stay out of SeaTac (the last part is wishful thinking on my part).

Your tax dollars at work
Past Tuesday’s Council Meeting was also election night. The ballot drop off van, manned by three election workers, was outside SeaTac City Hall. I queried them on how many ballots they had collected. They said about 50. Lets do a little math. You have three election workers at $11 an hour for 8 hours for a total of $264 (not to mention gas, etc.) for 50 ballots. That’s $5.28 per ballot. How about we just give them stamps?

You don’t have to take this
Filing declarations for SeaTac City Council on-line/in person are due May 11th thru the 15th. It costs $120 and you can withdraw change your mind by the 18th (please don’t). Up for re-election are Council Members Terry Anderson, Barry Ladenburg, Dave Bush, and un-elected Mayor Gregerson. Any questions about filing, PDC issues, etc. you can ask them here on the blog and I will answer them the best I can.


4 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Can Our Council Fix Anything?”
  1. Melissa says:

    All our city can hope for is that we’ve learned a little in the last few years and Mia Gregerson and Tony Anderson do NOT win in this election! They are burying our city. The fact that they’re against cleaning up parks is dispicible to me. The money, from my understanding, is it’s for parks. Why do they not want to clean it up? Todd Cutts should be out of a job! He’s as clueless as Gregerson and Anderson AND he doesn’t even live here. Kathryn Campbell…What in the world!!! How did she even get elected at all!!! This is just sad!

  2. Dorinda says:

    The citizens and taxpayers of this city have to be more engaged than the people who live here on the taxpayer’s dime. WE the taxpayers need to stop saying “Oh, I hate politics” and “oh, I don’t have time to vote”. By not voting, not paying attention to “politics” we are allowing others (ie: those who are here to take, not contribute) to steal our money and futures. The council members who aren’t interested in cleaning up a park are also not interested in YOU. Amazing that Mia says she doesn’t want to allocate funds to “pet projects”. Her whole life is devoted to the “pet project” of destroying a small city that was formerly a nice place to live. What a joke.

    The council seats up for grabs this time currently belong to:
    Mia Gregerson
    Barry Landenburg
    Dave Bush
    Terry Anderson

    Lets kick them all out and send a strong message to the remaining “Mia Majority”.

    Thanks to Pam Fernald for having our six. She’s the only one left.

    • Vicki Lockwood says:

      I just did a little calculation. The SeaTac City Council has had 19 meetings this year – 16 were regularly scheduled planned meetings (2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month). Three were “special” meetings, occurring on something other than their known regular schedule. Tony Anderson has missed 10 of the 19 meetings; that’s more than half! Mia Gregerson has missed 5 of the 19; that’s more than one-fourth! Are these folks getting full-time pay despite their lack of attendance at their meetings???? I’d like to know this. In addition, two of the regularly scheduled meetings were cancelled and re-scheduled for two days later than their normal date because NEITHER the appointed Mayor nor the appointed Deputy Mayor was available on the normal meeting date. We would have still had the required quorum for this particular meeting on it’s regularly scheduled date, but those two self-appointed power people could not trust their peers to conduct a meeting in their absence. Do they really believe that SeaTac couldn’t exist without them???? Citizens, are you ok with two Council Members with attendance rates that would demand termination in the real world???

    • Janice Taylor says:

      You are absolutely correct that the underlying problem in SeaTac is voter apathy. My late husband always said we get the government we deserve.
      Regarding the remarks and majority council lack of action on the garbage clean-up at North SeaTac Park, I feel totally insulted. Basically, Ms. Gregerson has decided our neighborhood is the town ghetto, not worthy of clean parks or safe conditions for the residents. That she considers such clean-up a “pet project” shows her general disdain for N. SeaTac. Sadly, the majority of council, when Mia speaks, just click their jack boot heels together and goosestep to her command. I personally do not think N. SeaTac residents deserve that government. I wish we could become part of Burien or Tukwila.