The Cactus Speaks: Policing, Town Meetings, Swimming Upstream

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by Earl Gipson

Thanks to everyone for the increasing attendance at City Council meetings. There were times in the years past that I was the only Citizen in the audience and when I attended a Public SeaTac committee meeting I was asked “who are you and what are you doing here?”

I will not repeat my response.

Moving on. Tuesday’s Council meeting (June 15) was par for an election year. Cabal incumbents for re-election doing their best to appear intelligent and caring.

Council Member Fernald, who actually cares, was absent (please get well

New Policing Model
SeaTac Police Chief Lisa Mulligan introduced new changes to our policing policies.

Shift adjustments and interlocal sharing of resources between Burien and SeaTac (even though they are all contracted from King County Sheriff’s Office) will now be part of our policies. This was probably overdue. This model has worked elsewhere, provided broader coverage, and more officers on duty at peak times.

This is projected to save SeaTac money ($142K annually) and provide targeted police when statistically needed. Hopefully these savings will not be spent on new SeaTac “coordinators.”

No one should doubt from my comments that I am a fan of police officers. Without them in my youth, I would not be the person I am today. Believe me, that was a good thing.

The politicians posture/pontificate yet many times the professional officers are not given the opportunity to put forth their ideas and methods that have been proven in crime reduction and placing up and coming criminals on a different path. Things have changed and whether anyone wants to believe it or not so have the police – and that has been for the better.

Councilmembers Ladenburg and clan asked the usual questions (they already knew the answers) so they could hear themselves talk.

SeaTac Youth Satisfaction Survey
A whopping 99 students completed the survey and surprisingly came up with the same general answers/ratings as the adults. Delphi Method at its best.

The only major difference was the students felt safer than the adults. Think that through for a moment and that’s actually logical.

It also said the youth/students wanted healthier foods. Really? Who spoon-fed them that response, Ronald McDonald?

Let’s briefly talk about surveys.

Wording questions in a certain way will get you the stats and answers you want. Anything you say can and will be used against you not to mention raise your taxes. Small samplings and targeted participants really work well. You might want to write that down and we can come up with our own survey of local government competence.

Making myself laugh here.

Campbell continues to swim upstream
In Council Comments, Councilmember Campbell gave a slideshow presentation justifying her Salmon Conference trip to Vancouver, Wash., on our dime. She said she had copious notes of the Salmon Conference and available to anyone.

Reimbursing the city for this boondoggle and apologizing to the active citizens for disparaging them for attending meetings/cleaning up the city the last few Council meetings? Not in the cards.

I also took copious notes of my trip to Las Vegas (1994) but my employer at the time refused to reimburse my gambling losses. That was not in the cards either.

Town Hall Meeting that wasn’t
Last Saturday (June 6) the city had a Town Hall meeting at Bow Lake Elementary.

All Councilmembers (even Tony Anderson) were present and five senior staff to answer questions. Of course it is an election year or you wouldn’t see these.

The Council would take no verbal questions, only written. Raising your hand (like I did) was called disruptive.

Power hungry un-elected Mayor Gregerson defended holding two paid elected positions (shouldn’t that be illegal?) with help from cabal members Ladenburg and Tony Anderson.

Inept code enforcement, ongoing parking problems, throwing away our utility tax on coordinators were all vigorously defended with blaming things on previous Councils and the Easter Bunny.

Those of us who have been around know better. The cabal was on the previous Councils, caused the problems, and the Easter Bunny was acquitted.

Along with taking no verbal questions, some of the “ground rules” they quickly wrote down were humorous. For example: No booing, shouting, or clapping. They were expecting applause?

Another: Continued disruptions and the meeting will be adjourned. In other words, we will take our ball and go home. Since I was the only one “disruptive” the meeting labored on to a crescendo of well, nothing (unless you consider self-promotion and campaigning something).

Welcome Columnist Janice Taylor
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4 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Policing, Town Meetings, Swimming Upstream”
  1. Melissa says:

    The salmon presentation…we learned nothing, nor did I see where there was any importance to the trip. I’m really not sure what that has to do specifically with SeaTac, or any other topic Campbell brings up. It all seems to be state business. The real question is not what are the citizens doing to make SeaTac better, but what does Kathryn Campbell do for SeaTac? As far as the Town Meeting, they only answered questions they wanted to answer. The Mayor went through the stack and picked the ones that aren’t too invasive on her and the others campaign. That should have been an open forum with a microphone for the audience to ask questions. They are in the hot seat and should have a fire burning under their chairs! That was a waste of a good sunny Saturday afternoon. I wish people, other than the regulars at council and town meetingd would see we need real change, real fast in this city or we’re all in huge trouble! The council, except for Pam Fernald, is scary.

  2. c.darielli says:

    just did’nt seem like a counsel meeting without campbell giving us her usual tongue lashing.

  3. Earl Gipson says:

    Correction-That was the June 9th Council Meeting not June 15th.

  4. seatac says:

    john wyble of winpower strategies has been manipulating seatac elections since 2010. this is the guy behind mia gregerson, kathryn campbell, dave bush, sally andrews, and dozens of other corrupt politicians and political action committees (PACs) always running smear campaigns: