LETTER: ‘…improving our code compliance efforts must be a top priority’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff:]

Dear SeaTac Community Member,

Improving the safety and cleanliness of our community is a top priority at the City of SeaTac. Your City Council agrees there is a need to take a more aggressive code compliance approach to make that happen. In 2014, the Council appointed a Code Compliance Council Working Group to take a closer look at our code compliance program and make recommendations on how we might improve this effort. As a Council Working Group, we are committed to partnering with our neighbors to maintain, and in some cases restore, a sense of pride in our community. With most, this means celebrating our shared sense of pride and understanding how we can better partner with our neighbors. With some, it means ensuring that they keep their property in compliance with the community standards found in the City’s municipal code.

Over the last year, we’ve worked with staff to design a program that we are confident will improve code compliance. This effort started with our Council Working Group recommending increased funding levels for code compliance, including additional staffing. This increase was included in the 2015-16 budget.

In 2015, we have been working with staff from multiple departments to re-tool the program, starting with a broader vision, mission, and goals. We have also identified key initiatives that the staff is developing into comprehensive work plans with defined schedules. This work will broaden the scope of our existing code compliance program to include expanded community engagement; maintenance of City roads, parks and facilities; and continued improvement to our core code compliance efforts.

At the June 9th City Council meeting, on behalf of our working group, Councilmember Dave Bush invited the community to participate in a survey to help name the effort. Please click on the link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JRDLV8B. We would appreciate your feedback! We’re also inviting the community to the June 29th Council Retreat to hear the details of the enhanced efforts to increase code compliance and to report back on the survey input. For those not able to join us, information presented at the Retreat will be available at CityofSeaTac.com.

We’ve heard loud and clear that improving our code compliance efforts must be a top priority and we are responding. Thanks to all of you who share our passion and pride in our City!

City of SeaTac Code Compliance Working Group:

Councilmember Dave Bush

Councilmember Kathryn Campbell

Councilmember Terry Anderson

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6 Responses to “LETTER: ‘…improving our code compliance efforts must be a top priority’”
  1. Mike Condon says:

    Must be election year, this has been a issue for the 7 years I have had my business in SeaTac. Now we want to act like they are being proactive on this hot button?? When the citizens and business become informed of what the council members, are really trying to do, they can see right through this.This will soon be swept under the rug by the city council, if they are reelected. The direction the city of SeaTac needs to take is quite broad. Maybe if the taxpayers were not paying for salmon retreats for Kathryn, we all know the rivers flowing through SeaTac are full of salmon, so the tax payers $$$$ spent on that was well worth while. Wake up taxpayers a 6.5 % increase in your utility bill !!!! Not taking action on the issues at North SeaTac Park until they were shamed by local t.v. station and media outlets.

    I for one, want a city we all can be proud of, be diligent in your research this next election. Ask yourself where is all that money coming from, to try to get certain people elected??
    Lets turn things around in SeaTac, the council works for us, the taxpayers change is good and in this case change is necessary.

  2. Melissa says:

    Why isn’t this letter from ALL of the council members? Why hasn’t EVERY council member wored on this? It’s obvious this is sn election year. We NEED change in this city starting with NEW council members!! Remember, the COUNCIL WORKS FOR US!!!!!

  3. Janice Taylor says:

    I know people have very short memories, and I sometimes feel cursed that I don’t. I remember back in 2001 not long after 9/11, a city code truck actually cruising our neighborhood and dinging practically everyone on a code violation. Back then, SeaTac had two actually code enforcement officers. Along the way, some great minds at the city decided we needed only one officer. Now we have supervisors and coordinators. What happened to the boots on the ground? Bottom line–it seems little actual enforcement is happening. We don’t need “new” programs in SeaTac. We need the city to follow the programs we have, enforce the existing laws and penalize offenders.

  4. Chuck D'Arielli says:

    Oh great more bla bla bla how can you put in print how much you care about the conserns of the people of this city when a person goes to any of you at the city for help they can’t even get a reply by phone or email (always promised)I guess we’re just a bunch of small fry that don’t matter maybe when we grow to full size salmon we can get your attention

  5. Earl Gipson says:

    I noticed in the survey there was no place for a “write in” suggestion otherwise I might have taken it. SeaTac Shines (wash your car), Brighter SeaTac, (Highline School District test scores), and SeaTac Soars (yeah, we have an airport) were all inadequate and the time spent coming up with this could have been spent correcting flagrant/severe code violations.

    How about naming it Code Compliance? This basic and obvious function of a municipality and its execution seems to evade our majority Council/policy makers and our City Manager. Renaming it is comical at best when its still not being done nor does there seem to be the desire do so. Stop stalling and get on with it. Else get off the Council, resign (City Manager specifically-Manager part used loosely), and go play elsewhere.

  6. seatac says:

    john wyble of winpower strategies is manipulating seatac elections. this is the guy behind mia gregerson, kathryn campbell, dave bush, sally andrews, and dozens of other corrupt politicians and political action committees (PACs) always running smear campaigns: