The Cactus Speaks: Yeah, I got opinions…

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Earl Gipson is a view of SeaTac city government. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff. We are seeking additional regular columnists to reflect different opinions and views of SeaTac residents. Those interested can e-mail us at [email protected].]

by Earl Gipson

Got a couple of opinions here and feel free to ignore them. My wife does (if you read this, just kidding dearest).

On Storm Water/Surface Water Management
We had no storm water personnel in 2011. It was handled under Public Works and the existing employees.

Now we have a Storm Water Manager, a Storm Water Coordinator, and a Storm Water Technician dedicated to water, gravity, and rain.

Of course this is needed and you have been paying for it in taxes year in and year out.

Of course we needed the huge tax increase on our SWM (Surface Water Management) taxes voted in by our Majority Council without a citizen’s vote.

Of course we need dedicated personnel and our own new $250,000 box truck loaded with cameras and instruments as proposed in Tuesday’s (July 14) Study Session to shove up pipes. The sewer district, gas company, and water districts have been doing the same shoving for years.

No one likes to share.

Our SWM fund has revenue of $2 million annually. That is probably going to be cut by $500,000 if the rumors are correct that the Port of Seattle will start their own SWM utility.

With SeaTac Storm Water employee salaries and benefits of $580,000 annually in our current budget this leaves only $1million to do anything about known and found problems. Increased recurring costs without an increase in recurring revenue.

Austerity is not what it is needed. Math, a smidgen of common sense; mix thoroughly. However, Greece, we are going to feel your pain (in a little bit) if we keep going in this manner.

Oscar Night at Council
In Council Comments on Tuesday, it seemed everyone was thanked for something. I was even thanked for being nice. Someone on the Council may need a drug test or the primary is getting to them. Thank me all you want, won’t change my vote. It was also stated they never know what I am going to say. Well, duh.

More opinions.

On Density
We really want density in our region. With the new predictions of a major earthquake in our region of 9.0 or better in the very near future this is a good idea (we have a few volcanoes, too).

We will have screwed up our transportation systems, housing, and just plain quality of life in the Northwest. The earth will have to do major urban renewal for us.

The Growth Management Act will look like the joke that it is and those tomes of Comprehensive Plans our region’s cities and counties have to prepare will be thrown on the fires or sunk in the ocean with the other “best laid plans.”

Keep in mind these disasters will only affect smokers, obese people, drug dealers, pimps, and car drivers. It will skip over vegetarians, bicyclists, “progressives,” and government officials in their bunkers or on taxpayer-paid vacations/junkets across the land.

This is not gloom and doom. I live here voluntarily (smoke too) knowing all this and come what may but keep telling me we need to pack’em and stack’em for future generations you have a fool’s bet in a geologically volatile region.

Good luck to us all but I am cool with it (fatalistic perhaps).

On Voting
You should have your Voter’s Pamphlet and ballot by now. Don’t let this primary and other ballots pass you by. Candidates and measures pass/fail on razor thin margins (and quite a few in SeaTac) and your vote does count.

I am not fond of our three paid for Council incumbents and if you have been reading my column you already know that.

I vote every chance I get and research the candidates over and above the voter’s pamphlet and glossy mailings. If my editor permits, I will make recommendations for the SeaTac Council for the November ballot.

The Seattle Times does it, why not the Cactus? I will show the same un-bias they do (snicker).


8 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Yeah, I got opinions…”
  1. Mike Condon says:

    As a business leader in the SeaTac Community, I have endorsed the following candidates Rick Forschler, Craig Baker, Erin Sitterley, Leonard Luna, Peter Kwan and Terry Anderson. Since we have opened our business in the SeaTac Community over 8 years ago we have tried our best to improve the community. Through helping schools, sports teams,bands and D.E.C.A. students. We are tired of the actions of the majority of SeaTac Council members, who are creating a divided community. The city deserves the chance to be a city of promise, for business and community members. Change is good, But this change is necessary.

  2. John says:

    A few words about Mia Su – Ling Gregerson, now ask yourselves what has this person done for the City of Seatac that would deserve her the right of being reelected, now she did give us that six percent unlit tax that we did not even get to vote on.
    Mia has done nothing for the city but ride the coat tails of the other South King County Democrats, she does post a pretty cheezy picture on Facebook.
    Vote for one of the other two , Please do not vote for Mia.

    • Janice Taylor says:

      If Mia is, in fact, saying she has to be on a city council to stay in the Legislature, that is a bald-faced lie. Everyone I’ve spoken to from other states and other countries is amazed her holding the two positions is NOT illegal. So okay, it’s legal in Washington, but we all should questions the ethics. As evidenced by her stance on marijuana businesses, choosing to wait until the Legislature hashed out some issues, (What issues? The law passed.) Mia cannot separate what’s beneficial for the city from her Progressive loyalties.

  3. jellybean says:

    I have learned that she is giving people a sob story that if she does not win, she won’t be able to keep her position in State because she has to be in a city councl also! Anyways City of Seatac council is non partisan I thought. She is a democrat and 3 other people running for council was endorsed democrat In June.

    • Dick Gazinya says:

      Anyways City of Seatac council is non partisan I thought

      Her campaign signs proudly state that she is a Democrat. At least they do in my neighborhood.

      • John says:

        Democrats voting Democrats out of office, this will be a huge wake up call to all South King County Democrats.
        Please do not vote for Mia Si-Ling Gregerson.

  4. Janice Taylor says:

    I’ve been a life-long Democrat. What I don’t get about the Democrats of Mia’s ilk is their refusal to engage in meaningful debate, and their utter horror and maliciousness if one dares to question their agenda. I’ve had far better discussions/debates with Mid-West Republicans than I’ve had with Progressives here. And I’ll pose this question directly to her and her minions: Why do you insist on totally pissing off the people you want to fund your policies? Don’t you think you could include us in discussions and tolerate compromises?