The Cactus Speaks: My recommendations for SeaTac City Council

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Earl Gipson is a view of SeaTac city government. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff. We are seeking additional regular columnists to reflect different opinions and views of SeaTac residents. Those interested can e-mail us at [email protected].]

by Earl Gipson

My recommendations for SeaTac City Council will come as no surprise for those who read my column regularly.

I am a tad ticked at the way our majority Council ignores, then manipulates, and treats our citizens (and even other Councilmember/s) like something they found under their shoe.

These of course are my personal recommendations and not the SeaTacBlog’s:

  • Rick Forshler for Pos #1
    How we lost former Councilmember Mr. Forshler in the 2011 election (and got Kathryn Campbell in return) is beyond my comprehension. His understanding of budgets, efficiency, and technology is needed now more than ever. His integrity/honesty is unmatched and apparently irritating to the current incumbents. Return Mr. Forshler to our City Council.
  • Peter Kwon for Pos #3
    Mr. Kwon’s energy, enthusiasm, and hard work are infectious. I get tired just watching him go. His work installing locking mailboxes throughout the City, expansion of the NextDoor local social network, and a system engineer for Rhapsody are just an example of his abilities and accomplishments. I expect great things from Mr. Kwon. Get this gentleman on the SeaTac Council ASAP.
    His opponent is backed by the same people that bought our SeaTac election of 2011. (Councilmember Gregerson, etc). Enough said on that.
  • Michael Siefkes for Pos #5
    Mr. Siefkes is a practicing attorney who helps the local Citizens. He is quiet until you see him in action. A former appointed SeaTac Councilmember and Planning Commissioner Mr. Seifkes is always “on” when needed. We always could use a reasonable and legal mind on the Council.
    His opponent is part of the 2011 cabal that can’t do math and thinks private Council committee meetings are fine. Any observing citizens would be by invitation only. Eek!
  • Erin Sitterley for Pos #7
    Ms. Sitterley is in a rematch with Councilmember Gregerson from the 2011 purchased election and lost to her by only 31 votes after Gregerson outspent her 6 to 1. Ms. Sitterley’s determination is obvious and apparently not to be deterred by money, ideology, and outside interests. She would be another logical and reasonable person for our Council. Lets correct what happened in 2011. Vote her on the SeaTac Council this time.
    Incumbent Gregerson is now holding two paid elected offices (should be illegal – it is in other states) and refuses to think this unethical. She also thinks her dictates/bullying should be unchallenged and “we the people” means her. Just watch our Council meetings. Let me hold the door for you on the way out madam un-elected Mayor.

In Summary
All of my recommended candidates support enacting a citywide Code of Ethics and restoring the public’s access to Council Committee meetings. If not in their campaign materials I have asked them personally. I have been asking the current majority Council for years for a Code of Ethics with no action. Considering what has gone on, that needs to change. See my previous columns if you need to know why.

Things cannot change without SeaTac Citizens voting, it is our duty, and I have not been shy about saying that.


12 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: My recommendations for SeaTac City Council”
  1. Daryl Tapio says:

    Good recommendations! We need to have some new leadership at the city who will listen to the citizens, engage in thorough discussions, and select the best ideas. Let’s get rid of the elitist mentality and secret meetings, and move the city forward.

  2. A Brighter SeaTac says:

    SeaTac has been controlled by a very small group of people for too long. It’s time for a new majority!

  3. Daryl Tapio says:

    I heard that the candidate running against Peter Kwon is a friend of the mayor and is living in someone’s basement at Angle Lake. I have been involved in the city for almost 20 years and never heard of her nor seen her at any city meetings. They are bussing in doorbellers to canvas our neighborhood; what are they bussing in candidates as well?

    It’s time for a change in city leadership! Check out these videos I just received.

  4. Vicki Lockwood says:

    Earl Gipson has attended more SeaTac City Council Meetings than any other person except Terry Anderson, including Staff and Council Members other than Terry. He knows what is going on, what has happened, and what is likely to happen in the future regarding our City. Thank you, Earl, for sharing your opinions and depth of knowledge with those of us who are just awakening..

  5. Mike Condon says:

    As a small business owner in SeaTac, I can say say that we are also endorsing all of these candidates. Is it not time to hold the current council accountable for their actions?? Raising the utility tax 6.25% and taking an average of $200.oo a year from SeaTac’s citizens grocery bills, robbing people of feeding their families!!! So they can take their salmon trips and vacations and say they are working for us?? As a tax payer I am appalled by their actions. It is time for a new beginning in SeaTac, Vote out Mia, get rid of Bush and forget Andrews. Next to go Tony Anderson and let me filet your salmon Kathryn Campbell!!

    We want a city we can be proud of, our business has done everything we can do to build a stronger community. We have seen all that we have done ruined by a self serving majority council. Change is good, this change is necessary!!!!!

  6. jellybean says:

    Here is something to think about:

    Interesting Article on Union Influence

    SEIU 925, like its big sister, SEIU 775, got another taste of Freedom Foundation justice this week.

    In response to a Public Disclosure Commission complaint we filed this past summer, the Washington State Attorney General on Monday agreed there was overwhelming evidence to show that SEIU 925 neglected to report hundreds of thousands of dollars a

    Consequently, the AG’s Office announced it would file a lawsuit against the union.

    SEIU 775 was the subject of a similar lawsuit just two weeks earlier.

    Both unions were quick to discount the charges as little more than a clerical error. They’re anything but.

    The unions employ an army of lawyers and accountants to help them comply with – or avoid – campaign finance laws. If they failed to do so, it was by design.

    SEIU has engaged in a pattern of illegal behavior dating back over five years designed to camouflage the full extent of its political activity. Government employee unions are by far the largest and most politically active special interests in Washington.

    In 2012 alone, SEIU was the singlemost prolific donor to Jay Inslee’s gubernatorial campaign donating $1.8 million that, arguably, ensured his election, and yet they try to pass off what they do as nothing more than collective bargaining on behalf of their members.

    SEIU is just one example of a clear outside special-interest group with a history of manipulating SeaTac elections, negatively impacting citizens.

    Let’s see who got money from SEIU 775 so far:

    • jellybean says:

      Oh and look at Mia’s last 2 listed on 8/31/15. So is it Corvallis WA or Corvallis OR??

      • Michael T Kovacs says:

        The Corvallis, Oregon donors are leaders of The Vegetarians of Washington. I am a member of this group and Mia used them to help get out the votes with Stuart Rose in past elections.

  7. Sue of Seatac says:

    Peter Kwon is an honest man. I’m voting for him. Mia means ‘mine’ in Spanish, How appropriate! Everything is for her. Vote Mia out!

  8. jellybean says:

    I have been getting calls from Washington 206-201-0435 a few times a day for the past couple days. Today I was fed up and I answered it. It was a Sandra saying that Peter Kwon and the others are lying and going to cut the budget by reducing the police on patrol and no more Code Enforcement and if we don’t vote for Sally, Mia and Dave, then we will not be safe in our homes. I asked her if she lives in Seatac “No” I asked her does Mia, Sally and Dave “Well, I don’t know” do you know Mia, Sally and Dave “uh no” then why are you calling me “I need the money”! I told her do NOT call me again!

  9. jellybean says:

    Here is something to think about…. Sally is a paralegal and use to work in Seattle I believe. Well, for some reason (bribe maybe) a attorney left and opened up a office in April (few months back)…. in Burien.. and Sally went with him.. hmmm. Well few months back, I saw a ‘vote for Sally’ campaign sign west of Ambaum? Huh.. Well wouldn’t you know, it was where she works, with the attorney who works with IMMIGRANTS. Her Linkedin states ‘completes and edits government application forms, interpret government documents to clients’ and she speaks arabic. Why would she have a Vote for Sally campaign sign in Burien where she works.. with Immigrants? How do we check to see if all voters are citizens?