LETTER: ‘SeaTac Needs A Change!’

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SeaTac Needs A Change!

As you know, I have been outspoken regarding the absolute need for the people of the city of SeaTac to replace the incumbents seeking reelection in order to save the city from rampant overspending and from a City Council majority that cares nothing for the taxpayers who are footing the bill. My motivation comes from having lived in a city in the past governed by a group who used methods very similar to what is currently happening in SeaTac. They created enormous taxes driven by a lack of balanced budgeting and the misguided belief that they could always get the taxpayers to pay for anything they wanted. After 25 years in the same house, the property taxes had increased 300% of which 200% of that increase occurred in the last eight years before we moved. When it came time for my wife and I to retire, my wife, who is a very wise woman, asked me where I would like to live when we retired. I had been running a computer support franchise out of the house for nine years and was comfortable staying where we were. My wife asked me one question: Will you be able to earn $100,000 for taxes over the next 10 years? It was at that moment I realized the local city government had effectively forced us out of our own home. So we moved to SeaTac, and it looks like history is starting to repeat itself here.

I also would like you to realize that I have never in my entire life of 66 years had any political affiliation at all. I have always used my personal observations and my own research to decide who the best candidate was. I can honestly say that I never made a decision based on political party. I believe that Thomas Jefferson did not envision a political dynasty supported by outside money deciding what’s best for a community. (Personally, I also believe Thomas Jefferson did not believe in career politicians!). Having said this, I will move forward.

This week a friend of mine, who knows of my support for the local favorite candidates, forwarded me a link that they felt I would find interesting. The link was to a newsletter called “The DemoChat”. In that newsletter I found some comments that deserve attention and analysis. Below are two quotes from that newsletter from the section titled “Candidate Campaign Updates”. The paragraph numbers represent the position within that section.

“SeaTac City Councilwoman Mia Gregerson: Spoke on the SeaTac municipal elections and the conservative movement (tea party) that wants to remove all incumbents that supported the $15 minimum wage voter initiative.” (Accent suppled.)

“SeaTac City Councilman Dave Bush: Warned that the candidates running against him, Mia Gregerson, and Sally Andrews have Libertarian views and intend to start cutting budgets at City Hall as soon as they can.” (Accent suppled.)

It is well known that in politics it is necessary to name the opposition to effectively be able to target them. In the current case the two statements are a bit confusing because they have identified the local favorites as both “tea party” and “libertarian” but these term are not synonymous. The only thing to take away from this is that Ms. Gregerson believes their opponents are tea party candidates and Mr. Bush believes their opponents are libertarian party candidates. Clearly, this makes no sense. The fact of the matter is the local candidates are exactly what they purport to be, nonpartisan local taxpayers who believe change is needed within the City Council. Mislabeling candidates does not change who they are or what they stand for.

Since this six-page newsletter claims to be reporting their candidates updates regarding the campaign, what becomes crystal clear is that, contrary to their denial, Mia Gregersen, Sally Andrews and Dave Bush are complicitly partisan even though the SeaTac City Council positions are nonpartisan! Yet there have been many assertions by the incumbent are that they are nonpartisan. What are we to believe?

Ms. Gregerson implies that her opposition wants to remove the $15 minimum wage initiative. I challenge you to find any proof that any of the local candidates have even discussed this as part of their running platform. Not only was this an item voted in by the people which cannot be overturned by a new council, it’s a blatant falsehood created to fire up the troops.

Mr. Bush warns that the local candidates because of their “Libertarian views” “intend to start cutting budgets at City Hall as soon as they can.” The local candidates have constantly stated their desire to balance the budget sustainably, improve services, and to prevent the constant tax increases that have ravaged the fixed income and low income residents of this city. Again, I challenge you to prove Mr. Bush’s statement anything but another misrepresentation designed to spur the troops into action with a falsehood.

By their own newsletter, they have damned themselves. One would think that a professional organization that is running multiple candidates would proofread the two-sided statements here and at least attempt to ensure that the tales they have told are not contradicted. For the Mayor not to know the platform that her opponents are running on shows a serious lack of competency that the public must question.

Find the DemoChat here: http://www.33rddistrictdemocrats.org/demochat/Oct15DemoChat.pdf

The basis of the incumbent’s campaign is composed solely of negative campaigning. The reason for that is that they have little of substance to show for their time in office. To the contrary, they have many decisions that taxpayers are questioning that they refuse to answer.

Currently in Ms. Gregerson’s most recent negative campaign flyer, she states “SeaTac is ranked the 7th most dangerous city in Washington”! What the voter must ask is: who was running the city and let it become this dangerous? The answer is easy: the current council majority, which includes Ms. Gregerson and Mr. Bush who are running for reelection and are supporting Sally. Don’t vote for the crooked professionals!

I have said it before, and I say it again, we need new leadership in City Hall. We need to break the chain of continuous tax increases with no benefits. We need to break the chain of secrecy and lack of transparency that has pervaded City Hall for years. We need to remove those who abuse power, spread falsehoods, and behave unethically because they can. It is said “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” Clearly, SeaTac needs a change!

You can read more about the recent shenanigans of our big-money local election here:


Joel Wachtel

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15 Responses to “LETTER: ‘SeaTac Needs A Change!’”
  1. Michael T Kovacs says:

    Another one from the card for first responders that is fake


  2. Chuck D'Arielli says:

    thats what you get with ladder climbers and salesmen

  3. Jim says:

    Technically the Tea Party and The Libertarians are not synonymous…. But in my book they are very close to each other… and I don’t want my city run by conservative hacks!

    Look at Rick Forschler… He was part of a group called HELP to oppose Prop 1. That certainly is not a progressive point of view and anyone associated with him will NOT GET MY VOTE!

    • This whole thing of blaming “Libertarians and Tea Partyers” Reminds me of an old legal situation that our beloved Ann Rule wrote about in her book, “Small Sacrifices”. It is the story about a sociopath named Diane Downs who dated a guy who didn’t want kids. She then took her kids out for a ride and shot them. She said is was a “shaggy haired stranger”. Since Sea Tac is the 7th most dangerous city in the US instead of accepting responsibility for letting it get this way they came up with their own “shaggy haired stranger” alibi. Vote them OUT!

      • Jim says:

        First get your facts right. SeaTac is not the 7th most dangerous city in the US. Maybe in Washington. From what I can see Tukwilla is #1 and Burien is #4. 7 is pretty good with our immediate neighbors at 1 and 4.

        When you said… “blaming “Libertarians and Tea Partyers”” I’m not blaming anyone. I just know the way I want my city run is more inline with Progressive beliefs, NOT the Conservative beliefs.

        • Michael T Kovacs says:

          The progressives have destroyed SeaTac and South King County Jim the Ex-Democrat 33rd Legislative Leader. Plus you helped destroy the Democratic Party. My party.

    • Janice Taylor says:

      You need to learn the difference in political ideologies. In basic terms, libertarians are opposed to big government intervention in our lives. They also promote personal and corporate responsibility. (Really, if we had more of that, we wouldn’t need government intervention.) The Tea Party, in fact, is very intrusive especially where personal choice is involved. However, I might assume you are quite comfortable with our current crop of Progressives. Now, Progressive are quite different than true Liberals. True Liberals will consider all opinions and, taking their cues from our nation-builders, will compromise. I’ve experienced very little open thought from Progressives around here, and I’ve been a Democrat my entire life. Any talk of moderation or fiscal responsibility is met with hostility, often quite overt, belittling, name calling and stubbornness. Their way or the highway. They seem to think we all are incompetent children who need the government to control every aspect of our lives. In that respect, they are as intrusive as the Tea Party. BTW, one can be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Right now, SeaTac needs that.

    • jellybean says:

      Hay Jim- here is what Prop 1 did. Guess you don’t care people lost their jobs and benefits

      Proof That $15 Minimum Wage Hurts Those It’s Claimed to Help
      The city of SeaTac, which holds the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour starting January 1 for some businesses. Within weeks of the beginning of the SeaTac “experiment,” the impact of the passage of Proposition One had become evident. Despite the fact that the new law impacts only about 1,600 employees in this town of 27,000, major changes and shifts were already taking place in reaction to it.
      For example, a customer using the Master Park Airport valet parking service at SeaTac will note an extra line on his bill for $.50 entitled “living-wage surcharge.” In December the 215-room Clarion Hotel closed its full-service restaurant, laying off 15 people. The hotel also terminated the employment of a night desk clerk and a maintenance employee, and according to general manager Harry Wall, the hotel was considering a 10-percent increase in room rates just in time for spring visitors. Wall said that without this reduction in workforce, the hotel’s annual payroll costs would have increased by $300,000 thanks to the new minimum-wage law.

      WallyPark, an airport parking services that employs about 80 people at three different locations in SeaTac, is being flooded with applications from people outside the city looking to take advantage of the new law, claimed Homer Ignacio, the assistant manager. As these new applicants are interviewed, Ignacio will be faced with the prospect of being able to hire more highly skilled workers and pay them what he is paying some of his current less-skilled employees. Those present employees face the threat of having their jobs being taken away by a new employee.
      Other adjustments are being made as the new law takes effect. According to Gary Smith, a spokesman for the opposition group Common Sense SeaTac, “a number of businesses made sure they fit the small business category [and were therefore exempt from the new law], even if they had to make adjustments to do that.” Those adjustments no doubt included reducing workforce numbers.

      • Jim says:

        Yes Jellybean, I work at SeaTac airport. I feel safer working on the ramp with the more highly skilled workers around me. And I know you are safer too when you take a flight!

        • jellybean says:

          Didn’t someone fall asleep when a airplane took off not to long ago? That makes me feel safe. My dad worked for Western then Delta in Air Cargo. He retired before they started hiring 3rd party. That should have never happened.

          • Michael T Kovacs says:


            This is Jim Thompson ex-33rd Legislative Democrat leader. He is an idiot like Stuart from the Mingion movie.


  4. seatac says:

    it looks like seatac isn’t the only small city being manipulated by john wyble and winpower strategies;

  5. jellybean says:

    I have been getting calls from Washington 206-201-0435 a few times a day for the past couple days. Today I was fed up and I answered it. It was a Sandra saying that Peter Kwon and the others are lying and going to cut the budget by reducing the police on patrol and no more Code Enforcement and if we don’t vote for Sally, Mia and Dave, then we will not be safe in our homes. I asked her if she lives in Seatac “No” I asked her does Mia, Sally and Dave “Well, I don’t know” do you know Mia, Sally and Dave “uh no” then why are you calling me “I need the money”! I told her do NOT call me again!

    • Chuck D'Arielli says:

      I just don’t know why people need the power so bad that they are OK with the blantant LYING that they are willing to have on their campaign flyers are these really the people we want to represent us in any way they better hope they are endorsed by a fire department they will need them to put out the fire on their pants shame on you mia and sally