LETTER: ‘I am appalled by recent mailers sent to local residents…’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff:]

As a small business owner in SeaTac, I am appalled by recent mailers sent to local residents. Our business has done everything we can in our community just to see it destroyed by local council members. We were awarded the “National Small Business of the Year” from Independent We Stand, because of our work in trying to build a stronger community. There were over 375 businesses nominated for this award, and an independent coffee shop in SeaTac won, because of our commitment to principles and morals.

Now we the see the incumbent candidates of SeaTac’s City Council using questionable political ethics and disingenuous scare tactics to tear down the credibility of their opponents instead of offering plans to unite small businesses, large businesses and government to build a stronger community. When will the citizens stand up and demand honesty in our electoral process? When will politicians learn that their ideas should be considered based on merit rather than misrepresentation of truth?

We would like to see honesty in our local government, why do we need secret meetings?? Should we as taxpayers demand accountability??

It is time for a change in local government. As a grandfather, Father and small business owner in SeaTac, I demand an honest council, a council that will not bully their opponents; we tell our children to not bully others, and here is SeaTac’s unelected Mayor Gregerson, Sally Andrews and Dave Bush, using bullying tactics to get votes!!

Choose morals over bullying, Vote for Rick Forschler, Erin Sitterley, Peter Kwon and Mike Siefkes. For a stronger SeaTac.

Change Is Good, This change is necessary!!!

– Mike Condon

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11 Responses to “LETTER: ‘I am appalled by recent mailers sent to local residents…’”
  1. Pam Fernald says:

    Yes! A stronger SeaTac… 🙂

    • Lois says:

      It bothers me to no end that most of the council do not RESIDE in Seatac or Burien. It should be a requirement! We need change, badly.

      • pam fernald says:

        Hi Lois,
        Not sure if you meant to write…”most of the council do not RESIDE in Seatac or Burien.” or if you were referring city staff rather than city council…

        Speaking only for SeaTac staff, I would say that is true–the majority do not live in the city of SeaTac.
        However, a requirement to run for city council is that you must be a resident of the city where you run for council.

        Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Joel says:

    The fact that incumbents condone the use of lies to gain votes proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they must be throw out of office. Ethics is a requirement to be elected!

  3. Chuck D'Arielli says:

    The total hypocrosy of these bobbleheads I to am a parent and grandparent and I don’t want these clowns representing me I sure as hell don’t want them to represent my children or grandchildren ms campbell told me how horrible this city would be if they were all voted out I asked her what could be worse. Like you Mike I am no gentleman THANK GOD

  4. Earl Gipson says:

    It is well known that a sociopath does not view their actions the same way that most others will when they are found out. That’s why we have a name for them and it is considered a mental condition (not necessarily treatable). They do not think they have or are doing anything wrong.

    I call this the crying, lying, and prying test. Will the person do all of these to advance, obtain, and/or maintain their power/position? Will they fake emotions they do not possess, lie about their motives, and gather information on others to spread false rumors, obfuscate, and misdirect?

    Those who want power the most and will do ANTHING to get/maintain it are the ones who least should have it and will/have abused it. We see this is the current campaigns and in the proceedings in our Council meetings.

    In some bizarre math equation the sociopaths seem to find/congregate with each other as a couple of incumbents and their handlers have demonstrated. What are the odds?

    Yes, they need to go and another prevented from getting to the Council. I stand by my recommendations and it was silly of me to even ask for a Code of Ethics from the current majority Council. It is not in their nature.


  5. Michael T Kovacs says:

    Who is behind the South King County Working Families PAC?

    Thought you might want to know because they are a player in this election. One that probably would have gone unnoticed while folks focused on a player with a higher profile performing services for several candidates. He use to drop in on this blog from time to time. Not much is seen or heard from him on this blog lately…though he continues busy.

    South King County Working Families PAC, probably would have gone unnoticed had not their mailer containing inaccurate information for a local candidate, raised many questions. Maybe you have heard them explain? I have not. I do expect we will continue to hear other things from them as they continue being busy promoting candidates.

    According to the PDC, South King County Working Families PAC is was set up, for one election only, and the registration papers are dated September 15, 2015. After the election is the PAC should go away. That also infers all the money they have collected is to be spent on this campaign or returned to donors…though honestly as far as I know there could be some exceptions.

    The 2 leaders of record are Phillip Lloyd and Adam Glickman, with a business address in downtown Seattle. A Google search of those names indicated that Mr. Lloyd is a professional fund raiser who has participated in many campaigns. Mr. Glickman seems to be the Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU 775

    What is their goal?

    PDC requires a PAC to name the candidates or ballot issue that they support. In their registration form South King County Working Families PAC lists their support for:

    Mia Gregerson, Seatac City Council
    Sally Andrews, Seatac City Council
    De’Sean Quinn, Tukwila Mayor
    Holly Griffith, Burien City Council
    Jon Scherer, Burien City Council

    How much are they spending?
    According to PDC reports the PAC has raised $53,500 and has reported expenses to date of $1,630.02. There is a time lag in reporting and at this stage of the election even with more frequent reporting, the numbers are frequently understated.

    Benefactors of the PAC for the 5 local candidates listed by the PDC are as follows:
    SEIU 775 : $16,000
    UFCW 21 PAC $12,000
    Wash Teamsters Leg League $6,000
    SEIU 1199 $5,000
    Unite Here Local 8 PAC Fund $3,000
    Kent Firefighters Local 1747 PAC $5,000
    Puget Sound Leadership PAC $2,500
    UFCW 21 PAC $2,000
    Wash & N Idaho District Council of Laborers PAC $2.000
    SEIU 925 Public Service Fund $1,500
    Unite Here Local 8 PAC Fund $1,000

    Note: The numbers above do not add up to the full $53,500. PDC records are disaggregated.

    PAC money is treated separately than the money candidates raise and spend even though the candidate is the beneficiary. However as the numbers above indicate, PACs are more efficient financing campaign activities than the candidates are.

    You can draw your own conclusions also regarding the connections between the candidate and the PAC as it is not unusual for candidates to say things to disassociate from PACs. I ask you to make your own personal logic test. How many of you would spend large sums on behalf a person that is a total stranger?

    While PAC’s are a common phenomenon of American politics, a short term PAC like South King County Working Families PAC is a curious thing…pouring much money into candidates than normally seen for small city races.

    One thing is certain–if an election for offices in small communities attracting large sums of outside PAC money, it is certainly reasonable to question who that person will ultimately work for if they get or stay in the office.

  6. jellybean says:

    I can’t help but laugh because Mia, Sally and Dave thinks mailing out those mailers would help them but it just made them look desperate. Poor Julia, she is probably going crazy knowing she no longer will have any control of the city, Mia will loose her vacation credit card and a getting a ‘bump’ wont be as convient. I’m sure John Wyble will be moving back to his million dollar condo in Seattle. If ya think about it, why would he move into Mia 800sf shoe box and where is all his stuff he had from his condo? Her house is probably the size of his bathroom. One good thing about all this, all the thousands of dollars that was wasted…. we the citizens didn’t pay for it!

  7. Chuck D'Arielli says:

    For all of those who got two thumbs down it’s nice to see mia and sally read this column

  8. jellybean says:

    Here is something to think about…. Sally is a paralegal and use to work in Seattle I believe. Well, for some reason (bribe maybe) a attorney left and opened up a office in April (few months back)…. in Burien.. and Sally went with him.. hmmm. Well few months back, I saw a ‘vote for Sally’ campaign sign west of Ambaum? Huh.. Well wouldn’t you know, it was where she works, with the attorney who works with IMMIGRANTS. Her Linkedin states ‘completes and edits government application forms, interpret government documents to clients’ and she speaks arabic. Why would she have a Vote for Sally campaign sign in Burien where she works.. with Immigrants? How do we check to see if all voters are citizens?