LETTER: Councilmember ‘outraged’ over Mia Gregerson campaign mailer

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Letter to the Editor,

This letter is to express my outrage, and at the same time my sadness regarding the campaign mailer I received in the mail today from Mia Gregerson’s campaign. This flyer says right on it that it is “Paid for by Mia for SeaTac City Council’ so it has come straight from her.

The claim on this mailer is that Mia Gregerson “shored up the city budget prioritizing clean up of North SeaTac Park”:


The reason for my outrage? I don’t take kindly to prevaricators, especially when my name is involved. Mia Gregerson voted AGAINST my motion to clean up North SeaTac Park referring to it as a ‘pet project.’

Then when I offered to pay MY OWN year’s salary towards the clean up, called a recess and we went into the council room where I was urged by Gregerson, the city manager and city attorney to drop my motion to offer my salary for the park clean up. The city manager guaranteed he would take care of it, and so believing this, I dropped that motion.

The reason for my sadness? That a council member up for election is so desperate that they would, seemingly without batting an eye, try to take credit for an issue that they voted AGAINST, and it is on tape and reported in the media: http://seatacblog.com/2015/05/01/homeless-encampments-discarded-drug-trash-causes-seatac-council-dispute/ And the council video proceedings: http://www.seatvonline.com/, click on the 4-28-2015 council meeting and scroll to New Business, and at 3:00 in, I make my first motion to clean up the park.   Please watch all the way through to 3:26.40 on the video.

Voters, think long and hard before you mark you ballot.

– Pam Fernald
SeaTac citizen
SeaTac City Council member

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23 Responses to “LETTER: Councilmember ‘outraged’ over Mia Gregerson campaign mailer”
  1. Vicki Lockwood says:

    You can call her a ‘prevaracator’ but her actions deserve the 4-letter word “LIAR”. This flyer is so sleezy, so slimy and so rotten that only a psychopath with no conscience could have approved of this being sent out. This was no ‘woops, I’m sorry for the typo’ event!

    • seatac says:

      there’s video of this meeting. go to: http://seatvonline.com/

      select: council meetings > Study Session and Regular Council Meeting 4-28-2015

      3:00:00 pam fernald moves to clean up north seatac park
      3:01:00 barry ladenburg seconds the motion
      3:08:30 dave bush suggests immediate cleanup and regular patrols
      3:08:58 kathryn campbell suggests volunteer seniors should clean the park
      3:09:27 barry ladenburg backpedals his support
      3:10:20 pam fernald talks about getting stuck with a dirty needle
      3:11:30 dave bush speaks about parks department being one of seatac’s biggest department yet not having money
      3:12:14 todd cutts speaks about parks staff and process
      3:16:30 mia gregerson does not support motion, expresses concern about kicking out hobos
      3:21:00 motion fails
      3:21:20 dave bush moves for seatac staff gets back with a plan to clean tub lake
      3:22:05 motion seconded
      3:23:00 mia gregarson holds motion
      3:24:12 mia gregarson bangs the gavel
      3:24:30 pam fernald moves to donate her one year salary to fund park cleanup
      3:24:52 mia gregarson calls 10 minute recess

      originally reported here:

    • seatac says:

      here are the highlights of that council meeting!

    • Daryl Tapio says:

      It’s time for a change in leadership at the city of SeaTac! We need to get good, capable people on the City Council who will solve our local issues.

      See the attached video:


  2. Mike Condon says:

    What more can we expect from Mia?? Who will cover up her attempt this time?? This is not a stable person, who will fabricate a story to make herself look good.Just seek the truth it will JUMP, out in front of you!! Right Mia??

  3. Cassie says:

    Using the line “one councilmember” on the front (with reference to Mia), and then “one councilmember” on the back without boldly calling attention to Pam seems to me Mia is hoping people will assume Mia is the selfless person offering her salary to the park. Sure, Mia could “innocently” say that was not her intent since she did credit Pam, but the way that quote was cherry-picked, the way the mailer was laid out, and knowing that her manipulative campaign leader would know that many people would just skim it before tossing it in the trash leaves me skeptical.

  4. Chuck D'Arielli says:

    I was sitting in the room in april along with many others when our unelected mayor I won’t give her the notarity of using her name threw down the gavel on council member Fernald and called for a recess to bully her along with the city manager and city attorney into withdrawing her desire to pay to cleanup a park .with her own money a park that our citizens use, because she did’nt want her and her puppets to look bad…way to late,,, now she trys to make people believe it was her idea with her latest campain flyer are these the kind of people we want governing our city do we want these people to be the poster children of our children grandchildren or even ourselves I pray not. My father use to always say you can watch a thief you can’t watch a liar well guess what ms mayor WE ARE WATCHING YOU

  5. Donna Thomas says:

    The word DISGUSTING is all I can think of. Is this candidate really so desperate that they send a LIAR-FLYER out to give the assumption they are now cohorts with Councilwoman Pam Fernald. They have bullied and blocked everything Pam has tried to do and now they try to capitalize on a false working-together front.. Not Hardly !!
    None of us who knew, have forgotten a certain suicide attempt that a policeman boyfriend/affair covered up, nor have we skipped over the scandalous email-gate involving same council person and SeaTac staff. VOTE FOR SWEEPING CHANGE !!
    We need to hose out the city administration, staring with the council.

  6. Daryl Tapio says:

    This flyer is deceptive and misleading!

    These two words are significant in the City of Seatac – deceptive and misleading.

    If candidates get elected using deception and misleading statements to trick voters they will not be trustworthy when they are in office. When there is little trust it is impossible to build upon and create anything of significance.

    In my business I have worked with many people who have migrated from other parts of the world. People from poverty-stricken, war-torn countries with unstable governments. I have asked many of them what are the root causes of their country’s problems. The most common response is that there are corrupt leaders in government. Leaders that lie, cheat, steal, and expect bribes. They come to America for a new start, to be part of a system where leaders have character and are honest and trustworthy.

    In City of Seatac Elections there are candidates using deception and lies. There are outside organizations pouring tens of thousands of dollars into false advertising and smearing candidates using deception and misleading statements. They are only destroying their own character and credibility.

    I am proud to stand by Councilmember Pam Fernald. She has demonstrated that she has character and credibility and will stand up for the citizens of Seatac. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty against an often hostile mayor and council majority.

    We have a clear choice in this in this election. It is time for new leadership in the City of Seatac!

  7. Dorinda says:

    It would be one thing if this came from her PAC. It came direclty from Mia. This is her. This is Mia! Lying, cheating. I think her fellow council member put it best when she told me “Politics is whatever it takes to get elected”. Thanks, Kathryn Campbell, for putting words to Mia!’s life strategy. Hope it works out for ya. No, actually, I hope it doesn’t, because it doesn’t work for US.

  8. Carol O'Neil says:

    All I can say to Mia is “Liar Liar pants on fire”…I will definitely keep this flyer, and when Mia is running to retain her House seat, I will personally see that her opponent uses this flyer to put Mia in her place. What comes around, Mia will go around. Mia, you have played the wrong card this time.

  9. Janice Taylor says:

    I understand Ms. Fernald has to watch her words, being a sitting council member. I, however, do not. Ms. Gregerson to me has always been amoral–totally without scruples. I made my infamous “kiester kicking” speech the council meeting immediately following the one where Pam offered to give up her salary. I was outraged then at Mia’s arrogance, her bullying tactics, her overt disgust that anyone other than her had the spotlight. She has done absolutely nothing to take care of N. SeaTac Park. Now she has the audacity to take credit!
    If by some fluke she gets re-elected, she is going to have a very hard time. What were merely disgruntled citizens now are outraged.


  10. Natalie D'Arielli says:

    Mia and Sally have no platform to run on. (and no sense of shame) Pam I’m sorry she is tarnishing your good work if it wasn’t for you the Park would still look like it did in April and Mia would still be doing studies on how to handle it.Then to make matters worse she throws Erin Sitterly under the bus Ms Sitterley has goals (a platform) for Seatac she wants to balance the budget spend money where it will do the best for Seatac citizens not the City Council, improve Seatac not sell it off. And then we have Sally’s flyer my guess is she didn’t live in Seatac during the primary election when Terry Anderson the incumbent was on the ballot. Thank you Mr Kwon for bringing to our attention where the tax increase came from. I’ve read and heard you say your goal is to balance the budget also put a code of ethics in place and to help bring Seatac back to the citizens,

  11. Joel says:

    Council member Fernald is one of the great treasures of SeaTac! She is known as the council person to contact if you need help with a problem. Mia Gregerson is an emotionally and and morally corrupt person who has run her campaign solely on scare tactics and misreprentations. The current flyer is blatant lie. She should be investigated by the attorney general for campaign violations. To try to take credit for the actions of another council member is the sign of the extreme mental illness. The recording for that meeting is online for anyone to see. If the voters of SeaTac are misguided enough to vote this monster into the council, they deserve what they get! Let’s get rid of her and Dave Bush and stop Sally Andrews. SeaTac needs a change from good ole boy politics!

  12. Marty Mar says:

    Only a psychopath wouldn’t resign after this disgraceful conduct was exposed.

    Have some dignity and just move to Liarville where you belong.

  13. Aileen Fisher says:

    I wish I could say I am surprised by Mia’s lies and continuing insults to, not only the citizens of SeaTac, but other council members as well. I recall standing in front of the council, reading emails from Mia to Colleen Brandt. In one she compared the citizens of SeaTac to people in the last stages of syphilis. She obviously has protection at the County and State level. Even though I filed a complaint with the PDC for using city staff and resources for her campaign for the last election and was found guilty, her fine was less than the price of a parking ticket … and she remained an elected official.

    It is especially egregious that she would not support the clean up of North SeaTac Park and label it a pet project of Pam Fernald’s. It not for Pam, the park would never have been cleaned up. It was through her perseverance that this was successful. For Mia Gregerson to take the credit and print these lies in a flyer in her quest for re-election reveals her for the self-serving narcissist that she is. Mia is the epitome of what is wrong with the push of the Progressive Party and the ensuing harm and negativity that has infested this city. She and her ilk will stop at nothing to retain their stranglehold on the citizens of SeaTac.

    For another perspective on how and why the city of SeaTac arrived at this sad political farce read former Mayor’s comments in the Cactus Column..

  14. Environmental Chemist says:

    I have resided in what is now the City of SeaTac for 60 years. Our city was recently targeted by outside influences (predominantly SEIU and associated PACs) in the past election to establish an ultra-progressive agenda which included the $15/hr. wage. There was no care for the citizens, rather it was to help recover waning dominance of the unions – especially for their hierarchy. Over one million dollars was spent, in part to purchase and reinforce control of the current council majority. Now they must run again, and are backed by the same forces. It is truly David vs. Goliath, as outside money is spent for slick advertising full of falsehoods and half-truths, as in the example above. Ms. Fernald is to be commended for her outstanding service and integrity as she truly serves the citizens, and withstands constant abuse from certain council members. Mr. Gipson’s editorials accurately portray the ongoing onslaught by the council majority against the best interests of resident taxpayers, including the utility tax and deliberate exclusion from working meetings. This majority has no interest in listening to the citizens as they implement their agendas – their actions rather than their printed flyers document the truth.

    We have a choice this election – we can be further manipulated and used as pawns in a power play by external forces, who have no qualms about lying to us to maintain control. Or, we can take back local control of our city, reign-in exorbitant spending, including paid junkets to other states and Canada, and elect true public servants. Mr. Gipson has endorsed Mr. Forschler, Mr. Kwon, Mr. Siefkes and Ms. Sitterley. I know them all and heartily concur with his recommendation and rationale. Please inform your neighbors, and indeed make this “A Brighter SeaTac” with your vote. Thank-you.

  15. Earl Gipson says:

    We still have four more mailing days before the election. With this despicable act by Ms. Gregerson and more money to spend, steel yourselves for more of the same or even worse lies in your mailbox.

    Actions speak louder than words. Ms Gregerson’s words have been bad enough and now her actions scream nothing but malice for Ms. Fernald, our City, Citizens, and businesses.

    I wrote my column before receiving this mailer and even I am aghast that she would do this. Vote her and her cohorts off the Council and don’t let the carpetbagger in!

    We will be watching the election returns and its outcome. I am a calm and controlled person, but if these lies work, is it time for some Civil Disobedience? I shudder at the thought but I shudder even more at the thought of Mia and her ilk remaining in power in our City. We need to vote (and don’t even think about voting illegally) if we value our homes, our City, and our democracy.


  16. Lois says:

    I heard Mia doesn’t live in Seatac (Mercer Island), but her parents do and she uses THEIR address for certain things. I feel she has no right to be our Mayor unless she LIVES here and feels the issues and challenges that we as residents face.

    When I’ve attended City Council Meetings her (among a few others) demeanor is arrogant as if she is ‘better’ than the rest of us. There have been times citizens got up to speak and she didn’t even look at them.

    When I see the signs for “Mia” around town, I SO want to paint or write “VOTE OUT” on them, but I’m not going to get myself in trouble. I just hope the people of Seatac have their eyes open. She should be the mayor somewhere else, she doesn’t seem to have much compassion or commitment to the people here.

    And what of the false advertizing? It’s laughable. I wasn’t at that meeting, but the ONLY council member that has ever reached back to my neighbors and I about our concerns, is PAM FERNALD. She has listened to us, gotten answers for us and dug up contacts for us for various things. Not ONE OTHER council member has shown a shread of interest for us.

    Pam has earned my trust and if she says these things are true about Mia, aside my impression of her, I am a beleiver.


  17. Kathie says:

    I understand the some politicians do lie but this woman has taken lying to a whole new level. Does she actually believe the lies she tells? And yes, Lois, her arrogant demeanor is obvious at all times. She has no time for the people, only her own agenda.

  18. NLJ says:

    It is beyond me how people like this can sleep at night, much less look at their own reflection. It is also beyond me why there isn’t more media coverage about the blatant corruption in SeaTac; it’s certainly not for me trying. The ballots in this house didn’t have the Fantastic Four marked and haven’t for many years. I can only hope people aren’t stupid enough to believe the shiny bs on these flyers, which, by the way, go directly into recycling.

  19. jellybean says:

    Lois Mia does live in Seatac. That’s about the only truth about her.