LETTER: Former Council candidate/ opponent endorses Erin Sitterley

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff:]

Former Council candidate/opponent endorses Erin Sitterly:

I am Leonard Luna and as a Pacific Islander/Asian (Filipino/Chinese), I was eliminated in the primaries for SeaTac Council Position #7 this year.

My name and reputation were impugned by incumbent Council member Mia Gregorson (thru rumors, emails, and innuendos) whom we are supposed to trust. This went on for quite a while. I may have made a decision in pointing that out in my voter’s
pamphlet statement what the incumbent has done and is willing to do –raise property taxes, and now have a 6% utility tax. The myriad of statements/falsehoods hurt. They were hard to ignore. I am human and a person who believes in transparency and accountability.

Erin Sitterley has always been positive about SeaTac’s future. She has worked tirelessly for the betterment of our City, knows the inner workings of our local government, and dedicated to our City first and not climbing political ladder. I look to her for a responsive SeaTac leadership (and perhaps should have asked her advice in my campaigning).

Wholeheartedly, I endorse Erin. She represents the best of our City.

I hope that I can serve our City more sometime in the future but it was not my time, yet. It is Erin Sitterley’s time.

If you supported me, please vote and support Erin Sitterley for position #7 in this SeaTac Council election on November 3rd.

Thank you to my family, friends and supporters,

– Leonard Luna

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5 Responses to “LETTER: Former Council candidate/ opponent endorses Erin Sitterley”
  1. Mike Condon says:

    Mr. Luna is a man of integrity, I have known him, and his family for the 8 years our business has been open. I have heard what Mia! said about him, when council coffee chats were held at our business. I could not believe a council person would degrade this individual as she did!! Vote Erin Sitteley to bring honesty back to SeaTac city Council!!!

    • Doug Hill says:

      I would ask Mr Luna, who is a man of integrity and whose word is respected in the community, to really reach out to his voters and make sure they vote for Erin SItterley.
      We have a real opportunity of taking back our city but will need everyone’s vote to do so.

  2. Donna Thomas says:

    Of course you can serve our city Mr. Luna ! There will be plenty to do, once we restore SeaTac to NORMAL. First priority should be to get our citizens once again involved in the committees that were meant to be a bridge between the citizens and the elected council. I just hope you still want to be involved after all the abuse you have taken.
    Make it happen ! Reach out to each of your supporters and encourage them to vote.

    EVERYONE received ballets – now EVERYONE needs to encourage their neighbors and friends to make the commitment to VOTE in this election !!

  3. Erin Sitterley says:

    Thank you, Leonard, for your endorsement. I am grateful there are good and decent men with servant hearts in our community. You are the epitome of “good neighbor” and I am most fortunate for knowing you. Thank you again. It means the world.

    Erin Sitterley