LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Were you fooled 4 years ago?’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff:]

Were you fooled 4 years ago?? The promise Mia “as I only need to be known by my first name like Cher” Gregerson, Dave “I am SeaTac’s Savior” Bush and Barry “I wish I could have got through the Primary” Ladenburg. They stated they would build a stronger community, they would help small business prosper, They would make SeaTac a safer community!! They had mailers proclaiming them as hearts on decks of cards, they had S.E.I.U. members that came into my Coffee shop and told me they were being paid by the union to doorbell for them, these doorbell ringers had come up from California, Oregon and Eastern Washington. They were paid by outside interest that invested over $125,000.00 to buy their SeaTac city Council seats.

Could they have ran on their own merits?? I think not, They slandered Gene Fisher’s name using unethical tactics. But lets look at their accomplishments since 4 years ago. They have raised taxes 6.5% stealing money out of SeaTac citizens grocery budget, Stealing from kids school supply’s budget and even taking a night out from you and your significant other. They have made SeaTac the 7th worst city for crime in Washington, they have sold off a multi million dollar Fire Station for a dollar. And they have also given us Kathryn “let me filet your salmon” Campbell, do we need Sally “Let me sleep in your basement’ Andrews to make things even worse??

As the old saying goes Fool me once, Shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. Do mont be fooled by outside interest, Your community deserves better!!

Change is Good this change is necessary!!!

– Mike Condon

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8 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Were you fooled 4 years ago?’”
  1. Daryl Tapio says:

    I find it very encouraging to see more citizens getting involved in local government. And it’s very interesting to hear their initial observations. Most citizens are busy working and raising their families and do not typically get involved in local government unless there is a problem.

    What they soon learn is that the City Council, by deliberate actions of the current mayor and deputy mayor, have essentially shut the citizens out of the process. They were not comfortable or capable in guiding discussion or debate in meetings. So, when they were appointed mayor or the chair of committees they took control of the microphone and prevented most people from speaking and essentially eliminated any significant discussion. In the process they started ignoring the citizens and coming to the meetings with their mind already made up. The main discussions are obviously happening somewhere else other than in the council chambers. And, projects are secretly worked on and then at the very end our disclosed to the citizens.

    Many on the council are there for the wrong reasons – so they can list mayor and deputy mayor on their resumes and tell others that they were the mayor of the city. Some council members are there to represent outside organizations that helped them buy their council seat.

    It’s time for a change in leadership in the City of Seatac. Let’s elect some capable people who have the interest and ability to have discussions and who can move the city forward. Let’s start working on projects that will have a meaningful improvement to our neighborhoods. Let’s have a Police Department that doesn’t just fill out crime reports but works with the City Council and the citizens to come up with a plan to reduce crime. Let’s develop a plan to eliminate blight in our neighborhoods. Let’s involve the community and make SeaTac a place where businesses want to invest and residents want to live!

  2. Janice Taylor says:

    Four years ago, Mia! (We can’t forget the exclamation mark) and ilk begged us to vote with our hearts. (The fact she advertised herself as the Queen of Hearts can now be viewed as a horrible omen.) They have treated SeaTac like their personal playground and its citizens as their personal piggybanks.
    We always should vote primarily with our heads. Yes, social awareness is crucial in creating and continuing a livable city. But we cannot bankrupt ourselves and run off the very people we need to pay for those programs. That’s like starving the horse you need to pull the wagon.

  3. Joel Wachtel says:

    The incumbent council members up for election and the carpetbagger, Sally Andrews, have sent you a lot of mail. Sally mostly says she was “shocked to hear that my opponent supports drastic budget cuts”. Well so was her opponent since he never said any such thing. Mia says her opponent wants to “drastic $3 million cuts in the city of SeaTac’s buget”. Another statement that was never made

    I ask you simply, if crime is so high, where was the city council when that happened? What happened to all of our tax dollars before this election? Who the hell was steering the ship? The answer is simple, the current council is incompetent and is absolutely not able to run SeaTac. So now instead of offering solutions, the tell you lies! If they had any plans that were good for the taxpayer they would say so. Have you heard any plan that will solve the cities problems? I haven’t!

    In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy was told not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain! We are being told, don’t look at the outside money being spent to lie to us! Vote for a change! Get rid of proven incompetence!

  4. Natalie D'Arielli says:

    like the eagles song don’t draw the queen of diamonds boy she’ll beat you if she’s able the queen of hearts is always your best bet (their not talking BLACK heart) mia shame on you your so sad

  5. Donna Thomas says:

    That’s not all she voted herself as…….she also falsely stated in a press interview (for a local Asian Community newspaper) that she was the first person of color on SeaTac council……..excuse me……A very proud African-American, Abner Thomas, was the first person of color on the council in 1994 ! I find it amazing the lies this council person will stoop to. Power? There should not be any semblance of power among or of the council. The council, as I understand it, used to be there to represent the citizens of SeaTac, not slam doors in our faces (eliminating all committees and preventing or ignoring citizen input) or increase taxes that many of our neighbors cannot pay, (rather than scouring the city budget for ways to eliminate expenses, such as unnecessary travel.) And yet these past four years have been all about personally perceived power among the stick-together icky four for whom outside interests purchased the election. Please get your ballets in the mail TODAY and vote to break up this gang-banger group.

    • Pam Fernald says:

      I’m glad you set the record straight about Abner and the council. Thank you, Donna. 🙂

    • Vicki Lockwood says:

      Thanks for reminding the newer folks about our REAL history, Donna! And thanks for remaining involved all of these years. You continue to lead by example.

  6. seatac says:

    please remember john wyble of winpower strategies is the guy running the show in seatac. he managed to fool the voters in the past, but now the game is up.


    we can expect him to return in 2 years to seatac’s 2017 election to back kathryn campbell and tony anderson’s re-election campaigns, and whoever julia patterson’s cult comes up with to try to defeat pam fernald.