The Cactus Speaks: Spooky Election in SeaTac

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Earl Gipson is a view of SeaTac city government. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff. We are seeking additional regular columnists to reflect different opinions and views of SeaTac residents. Those interested can e-mail us at [email protected].]

by Earl Gipson

Disappearing Outside Money
I check the Public Disclosure Commission website at least twice daily for campaign contributions and Independent Spending for our Council races. Overnight on the 27th, $7,645 vanished from Councilmember Gregerson’s Independent spending reporting. I have called the PDC to correct this error. So far, no reply. The money has been spent so there is no question its records are somewhere in the Phantom Zone at the PDC.

National Outside Money
Outside interests (here) are again trying to buy our city election (and taking a stab at Burien and Tukwila, too). Their money is pouring in from the South King County Working Families PAC (a shill for the SEIU and its ilk) in support of Gregeson and Andrews and negative ads/flyers for the challengers who dare take our city’s interests first (Kwon and Sitterley).

The outside money spent on Gregerson and Andrews is staggering for a city our size (here) as it was in 2011. SeaTac local businesses and citizens are trying mightily to fight back with our own PAC but the funds (here) are so far no match for those who wish to further corrupt our Council.

The same Councilmembers who were bought in 2011 are trying to hold their Council majority and further damage our city for political gain. The Council majority unilaterally imposed a 6 percent utility tax on everyone (look at your bills) and tried to silence Public input/access by policy changes/semantics. This is why my column exists. Silence us, will ya?

Just watch your mailboxes
The latest lie is that the challengers will cut police and fire. These are contracted to King County and the Kent RFA. SeaTac is now the seventh most dangerous City in Washington. Who caused the drop in safety and losing our Fire Department? The same Councilmember/s claiming to be its savior. Scare tactics, lying, and massive spending should alert all voters that SeaTac has been under attack for quite some time and its our time to defend ourselves with voting. Tossing your ballot aside will not work if you just look around, watch the news, watch the Council meetings and see the decline in our City.

Yes it’s spooky
Do we have vampires? You know, the Council members (Gregerson and friends) who have sucked the lifeblood and money from our Citizens and businesses (and a new one rising from the grave-Andrews). You see them on video and at Council Meetings but I wonder if they can see their own reflections.

Your vote to remove them and prevent a new one from replacing our beloved Terry Anderson is a stake through their black hearts before we have no more blood to give. Many long time residents have fled from these apparitions and moved. Others and I chose to stand and fight. We will not see our City go any further in becoming a crime ridden slum.


5 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Spooky Election in SeaTac”
  1. Former Mayor Gene Fisher says:

    Candidates, I am so sorry !!!!!!!

    So it begins! I know the process firsthand! The lies in 2011 from Barry Ladenberg mailings derived from the Angle Lake Political PAC and choreographed by Mia’s Progressive and Socialist endeavors all supported by the Patterson Political Machine, and their Firefighter and Union affiliates have had great success proffering blatant lies that successfully sway the electorate in the city of SeaTac.

    I know from my 14-year political tenure in SeaTac that in order to get firefighter and union support you need to promise to raise taxes for the purchase of more toys and bigger salaries, so I commend, as should the citizens, those of you that had the integrity to not succumb to their pressure. It may cost you the election, but you knew the risks, yet stood up for the citizens!

    These folks know that lying can evolve to downright slander with no repercussions; even though I was a dedicated Mayor one term and Deputy Mayor two terms the citizens succumbed to these outright lies. In my case the lies in mailed flyers were not enough, they hired numerous foot soldiers, many from the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, to go door to door to slander me.

    The results for them were immediate and will be this time. I voted down the utility taxes many times, which is related to the $15 an hour wage that drives you out of the city just to be able to afford a hamburger.

    Gene Fisher, Former Mayor of SeaTac

    • Vicki Lockwood says:

      Thank you Gene for your many years of service to the citizens of SeaTac. Yes, you saw the lies and the favors returned, and you tried your best to awaken the citizens, but most snoozed thru your tenure. These same players have honed their psychopathic techniques and are grabbing for more and more power.

      Earl, thank you for this article. I know when you wrote this that you had no idea what was in the mail delivery system for us from the Mia-machine delivered today. There is absolutely no excuse for the lies that have been printed and distributed by Mia and her fan club of PAC members. Nothing they have printed tells their true story, and nothing reveals their true motivation. Sally’s flyers are more of a joke than anything else … did anyone ever see her cleaning up North SeaTac Park? Yet she say she’s ‘protecting our parks’ … huh???? … and “improving our business climate’ … huh???? and” ensuring fiscal responsibility” … huh??? Sorry, Sally, you are just a joke. Mia’s messages are dangerous and evil and would cause any respectable voter to regurgitate.

  2. Natalie D'Arielli says:

    has anyone even really talked to this sally other than the photographer or the one or two people on her flyer she worked so hard to deliver yuk yuk

  3. Eugene Cruz says:


    I’m voting for Rick Forschler, again for returning back!!!!!