The Cactus Speaks: Councilmember Elects lose way to SeaTac City Hall

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by Earl Gipson

Surprisingly Councilmember Elect Forschler lost his way to SeaTac City hall and Councilmember Elect Kwon tagged along with him.

They somehow wound up at the Des Moines Council meeting berating Des Moines Councilmembers for a utility tax. I could swear we gave them directions to our City Hall but Forschler’s GPS must have failed or while thinking about OUR new Utility tax his large brain came loose.

Visibly (and rightly so), Des Moines Mayor Kaplan and Councilmember Scheckler let the uninvited guests have it (see video here) and then politely made an appointment to go over to Forschler’s and Kwon’s house to give them lessons in cleaning their political etiquette, and finding their own City Hall. Included in the visit was how to use email, making phone calls, and pulling their heads out of their backsides.

A lot of people asked, “Hey Cactus you recommended them, what happened?” Lets talk football. For Mr. Kwon, I will call it a rookie mistake and please don’t celebrate in the endzone. There’s a penalty. Now you know.

As a veteran, Mr. Forschler should know better. He did not win the now turned ugly game by himself. The season is off to a rocky start and the fans are worried our veteran may be past his prime. I had to watch the replay a couple of times to make the call and added a personal foul to the celebrating in the endzone penalty for Mr. Forschler.

For those of you who don’t watch football, the victory of the election was deflated by a silly and selfish act that may have further consequences for the City of SeaTac team. The losers are even laughing. I am not.


4 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Councilmember Elects lose way to SeaTac City Hall”
  1. Gene Fisher says:

    The Cactus was a little harsh, but I understand where he is coming from, as well as Rick and Peter and the Des Moines Council. The animosity by the elected officials in Des Moines is understandable; this put them in a very tough situation, but the wounds will heal. For example, let me give you some history on the political backlash from the sitting Council in Des Moines. While I was a SeaTac City Councilmember, we were on opposite sides and in direct opposition to the City of Des Moines’ battle against the third runway. Those of us that were elected officials in SeaTac privately tried to reason with the City of Des Moines that they were fighting a losing battle against a third runaway and were allowing a huge monetary loss by not approving a conveyor through their city for building the third runway. They lost the money and SeaTac gained the truck traffic. I believe that some of the Des Moines Councilmembers were present when I shocked hundreds of citizens with a speech at an anti-runway meeting stating that someday the elected officials would have to answer to all of the voters why they used their tax money to fight a losing battle. Now they are faced with a choice of either subjecting their citizens to paying increased utility taxes in part due to the previous mistake and resulting loss of revenue or decreasing the size of city government. Neighboring cities should help each other. I know this is hindsight, but perhaps the first point of contact should have been in a private meeting before resorting to public comments. Rick and Peter’s approach may have been questionable, but the results may be worth the Des Moines Council researching the private contracting aspect.

    Gene Fisher, Ex-Mayor of SeaTac, WA

  2. Scott says:

    It’s looking like we might be able to keep up with Normandy Park’s dysfunctional City Council after all!! We’re off to a bad start, but hopefully it’s just pregame jitters!!

    • Pam Fernald says:

      Some perspective from my knothole:

      1. New SeaTac council electeds have not been sworn in yet and 2. even when someone is sworn in and becomes an official council member, that does not mean that they loose their rights as a taxpaying citizen to speak freely.

      I don’t find this as humorous as Earl Gipson does, and I may not have done what Forschler and Kwon did in quite the way they did it, but I defend their right to speak freely.

      None of us is perfect and striking the right balance in life, let alone political life, at the least, takes practice, the ability to learn self insight, and to consider consequences.

      “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.”

      They got involved, so I will call this a teaching moment and have faith that lessons on boundaries and consequences have been learned all around.