The Cactus Speaks: Outgoing un-elected Mayor Gregerson tries to sell old turkey

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by Earl Gipson

Gregerson tries to pass off manners code as new Code of Ethics

Apparently outgoing un-elected Mayor Gregerson doesn’t even recognize a Code of Ethics when she sees one.

Below is the turkey code she suggested to the Council at the Tuesday the 24th’s Study Session. This placard with this material on it has been sitting next to the Councilmembers places on the dais since 2011.

It is missing a listing for naptime.

  • Listen to and show respect for the views of all members
  • Criticize ideas, not people
  • Avoid side conversations
  • Resolve conflicts constructively
  • Always strive for “win-win” solutions
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Settle disagreements or problems with group members inside the group, when appropriate
  • Every member is responsible for the team’s success and progress, so participate in discussions and decision-making
  • Make input relevant and not redundant

Neighboring Tukwila’s Code of Ethics for employees here and their Code of Ethics for Electeds here. Lots of examples from the Municipal Research and Service Center (MRSC) here. These examples are true Codes of Ethics with consequences for breaking them.

My communication (emails/public comment) with the city calling for a code of ethics date back to September 2010. Glad the majority Council got right on it.

Outgoing un-elected Mayor Gregerson stated she was waiting till after the 2015 election to bring this up. Understandable. She damn sure wasn’t going to bring up ethics if it was going to apply to her. If a real Code of Ethics touched some of our current Councilmembers it would burn them like acid. Some can’t even read the “mind your manners “code staring at them on the dais.

Public Comment on Councilmember Campbell’s travel to DC less than supportive
Blasting Gregerson’s “Code”and/or Campbell’s travel in the Council Meeting were Citizens, Joel Wachtel, Vicki Lockwood, Doug Hill, and Roger Kadeg.

Councilmember Kathryn Campbell wants to go to a mayor’s conference in Washington D.C. on our dime. It was pointed out in public comment that she is not a mayor appointed or otherwise and she should pay for it herself if she wants to go.

Campbell replied that she needs to get out more, loves travel, and airline food and we need to pay for it. The airlines politely requested we keep her off their jets and asked if she really was a Councilmember. It was suggested she be put on the No Fly list for being generally obnoxious.

Made that up.

Remember this column is supposed to be reasonably funny so I take liberties.

Insulting the citizens again, the Council approved CM Campbell’s travel in a 4-3 Vote. CM’s Tony Anderson (phoning in from DC), Ladenburg, Campbell, and Gregerson voting yes and Councilmembers Fernald, Bush, and Terry Anderson voting no. Groans from the audience and blank stares from the Council followed (and a quiet microphone from Waldo).

As far as Gregerson’s “Code of Ethics”, the citizens commenting thought it was as much a joke as I did. Un-elected Mayor Gregerson felt after lying about cleaning up North SeaTac Park all by herself, another pile on her imaginary resume wouldn’t hurt her re-election bid to the Legislature in 2016. Look for those glossy campaign mailings next year. (See. That’s funny, right?)

The Kingen v SeaTac trial continues
The Kingen trial is about the SeaTac acquisition of the SeaTac Center in 2009 and the Kingens are suing the City for $18 million in damages.

I have been in attendance at the trial and lets just say for now it has the appearance of an ugly transaction with some very ugly circumstances. Former City Manager Craig Ward has been testifying and under questioning somehow thought he resigned. He was in fact suspended then fired (here).

In yet another irony a juror asked if the City of SeaTac had a Code of Ethics. Sitting in the gallery, I almost gagged.

The trial is scheduled to go thought Dec. 17.


6 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Outgoing un-elected Mayor Gregerson tries to sell old turkey”
  1. Joel says:

    Wonderful, Earl. I love your column. You are so lucky to be in such a target rich environment! Keep em coming .

  2. Doug Hill says:

    My goodness Earl- this is stand up material! Mia and Campbell suffer from the malignancy of an over inflated sense of self worth. If they weren’t (and won’t be soon and in 2 years) sitting in positions of importance, their thoughts and actions would just be laughable fodder for the rest of us. Carry on Captain Gipson…….
    Hey shouldn’t Campbell have recused herself on that vote? Would have been the honorable thing to do. Oh yeah, forgot who we were talking about!

  3. Chuck D'Arielli says:

    Well Earl you really can’t take credit for obnoxious she earned that herself our own little Nelly Olsen

  4. Jim Thomson says:


    You known I am not a fan of Kathryn Campbell. So I can’t do justice by adding.on too your remarks here so I will just say look on the eyes of Ms Campbell. Souch evil behind that smile.

  5. Michael T Kovacs says:

    The city is burning down to the ground with crime, tax/budget issues, 18 million dollar law suits, and other issues. The salmon conferences and mayors conference to drum up how to bulldoze minimum wage laws through cities needs to stop now. Focus on our city, citizens and business. Or get rid of Kathyryn Campbell.