LETTER: ‘New Council Wins a Victory Before Being Sworn In…’

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New Council Wins a Victory Before Being Sworn In:

The newly elected majority on the SeaTac City Council scored a victory before even being sworn in. Last night was the outgoing council’s final scheduled meeting and they had a surprise in store for everyone. As their final act, before the self-congratulatory final bows of the defeated mayor and council members, Mia Gregerson, Tony Anderson, Kathryn Campbell, Dave Bush and Barry Ladenburg, the same people who passed the regressive Utility Tax, repealed it.

So why did they repeal their own tax and why did it take them so long? In this case the cynical answer is the correct answer. It was all about politics. The incoming council members campaigned on repealing the Utility Tax. Ms. Gregerson and her cohorts wanted to deny the incoming council that victory and at the same time leave the new council with a mess to clean up. The mess? The spending level of the city rose when the Utility Tax was passed. Now, with their foot out the door they repealed the tax but did not lower city spending. They left those tough choices for the newly elected council.

Two of the council members who voted for the utility tax, and then again for the repeal, will remain on the council next year – Tony Anderson and Kathryn Campbell. I look forward to seeing what ideas they have come up with in balancing our budget. Sadly, my expectations are not very high. At that same final meeting each of them voted themselves $2845 of taxpayer money for upcoming trips to Washington D.C.. Obviously they are not too concerned about the budget.

Michael J. Siefkes

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7 Responses to “LETTER: ‘New Council Wins a Victory Before Being Sworn In…’”
  1. joe momas says:

    Poor Barry, a pawn till the bitter end. I was at the meeting last night and when Barry proposed “sunsetting” the utility tax that was voted in at the beginning of the year I burst out laughing. All in attendance knew that poor poor Barry is not smart enough to come up with this on his own…we all knew who this was coming from..the Tony and Mia show. I too look forward to hearing the great ideas that Filet o Fish and Chronic absentee have in mind for balancing the budget. They must have a plan, right? If they don’t well then this action would appear quite petty…and Tony is certainly not one to be petty (tune in to the video of the meeting last night and listen to Tony’s council comments..nothing petty there). Once again, Barry, Mia, Bush, Tony and The Fish just ended up looking like the stupid, clueless, rude, condescending idiots they are. Cheers! Ding dong the witch is dead…

  2. Vicki Lockwood says:

    Thank you Mr. Siefkes for your explanation of what was REALLY happening at the Regular Council Circus Meeting last night. It is difficult to comprehend how stupid the soon to be former majority must think the citizens are … do they really think they masked their true intentions with their immature actions last night? I look forward to your and the other new Council Members’ inauguration in January, and the direction that all of you and CM Fernald will provide to get our City’s business done in a mature, responsible manner. There’s so much political spaghetti for you all to untangle … but I believe that you will rise to the challenge and we will soon have leaders who care more about what’s best for our citizens and City than what’s best for your personal gain.

  3. Mike Condon says:

    I applaud Michael on this letter, but let’s not be fooled this was a malicious attempt, by out going and current council members to disrupt the city of SeaTac, one that they swore to to help. This is a bunch of looser crying, and trying to hurt the incoming council. This to will backfire in their faces, just as their election propaganda did. Watch out Mia, your legislative seat is next. Tony “phone it in “Anderson you will have some one running against you next election, Kathryn”Filet you salmon”Campbell your vacations will be coming to an end soon.
    Then the citizens of SeaTac will be laughing the loudest!!

  4. Sojie says:

    It’s time to lead, Councilmember-elect Siefkes. You’re no longer a bystander. You won and now you’re a politician whose job it is to solve problems and get things done. You based your campaign on how unnecessary the utility tax was and now you’ve been given the chance to show SeaTac citizens how you will balance the budget without it. You say, “The spending level of the city rose when the Utility Tax was passed”. The truth is, yes, the council balanced the budget with the potential income from that utility tax. But by repealing it, the lame-duck council is giving you a chance to create a different budget that aligns with your values. You campaigned on this. It’s no longer about “them”, Councilmember Seifkes. You won, you have a majority – now lead, solve the problem, and explain yourself. Councilmember Anderson and Campbell are on the back-bench now, and you’re criticism of them is called “flogging a dead horse”. YOU, and your council colleagues, are on-point. The leadership skills you claim you have, and ability to demonstrate self-control by not blaming others for failures, will be on citizens’ minds as they watch you search for solutions. Lead and govern, Mr. Siefkes. Others will now take on the role you once played. They will critique every single little thing you do as an elected official. And when you make a mistake, or do something they don’t agree with, maybe their response will be different from how it’s been in the past. If you’re lucky, they’ll respond with kind, constructive criticism, offering you the benefit of the doubt, never dehumanizing or mean. Never suggesting you jump off a bridge, like what was done to Councilmember Gregarson, or taking pictures of your car, or house and posting on social media. Never making obscene remarks. Never. Maybe they’ll treat you they way they would want to be treated. I certainly will treat you this way Mr. Siefkes. Now get busy, stop blaming, and lead.
    Let’s watch now .

  5. Sojie says:

    One other thought, for you Councilmember-elect Siefkes. You are a winner. People who win, should show graciousness and demonstrate the promise of leadership. True leadership on your part now would be to reach out to those you disagree with on the council, offer an olive branch, and suggest to them that you want to work with them. A lack of leadership would be to publicly trash these same colleagues, as you’ve done here. Leave that to the citizens. You’ll be working closely with these people, and you may come to discover that the issues aren’t so black and white as they are portrayed on social media, Mr. Siefkes. Use the verbal skills you’ve attained as a lawyer to create an atmosphere of creativity, trust and progress. That’s what the people want you to do. Now let’s watch you do it.