The Cactus Speaks: Out with the old…In with the new

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by Earl Gipson

Out with the old… In with the new

On Mr. Cutts being fired
Mr. Cutts need not worry. Being fired the first time is the hardest. I got used to it and decided self-employment/consulting was my destiny. Speaking my mind kept getting me into trouble (go figure) and eight hours of it a day was a bit much for all parties. Surprisingly my previous employers were also my first clients and we got along just fine with the new arrangement – and my compensation tripled.

Mr. Cutts take heart. Most city managers do not last more than five years for whatever reasons. You will land on your feet with many lessons learned and at a reasonably young age. Look at the brighter side. Some of our politicians haven’t learned squat, yet have somehow retained their seats for a term or so and were pried out against their will.

Our selected mayor and deputy mayor
Since we don’t elect either of them – I would require a line on the ballot with those titles – I respect the Council’s choices at this time. Maybe they will put the elected Mayor issue on the ballot again? New Mayor Forshler and Deputy Mayor Siefkes are not senior on the Council, however, both are previous CM’s so we shouldn’t expect to many hiccups in running the meetings. Drives some of us nuts when confusion reigns up on the dais.

Now the honeymoon
The new Majority Council started off with a bang and with a very decisive action to boot (probably a poor choice of words-sorry Mr. Cutts). Will I still have fun stuff to write about? Of course I will. Politicians are natural comedians for a variety of reasons and I just need to observe their particular shtick but I will try to resist and make sure I get it right when the time comes. The sitting incumbents are still fair game and a known quantity providing we can find them – aren’t chasing a fish somewhere, or have lost their own sense of humor.

The new Council will have many challenges. The loss/removal of some key staff personnel is always a tough one but we have some very talented people within our own city staff, citizens, and businesses that will help in any transitions that need to be made and our Council need only ask. We will be there for you.

Kingen v SeaTac continues
Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday the 11th and the jury gets the case for deliberation. Those in the court gallery will be relieved. Those wooden pews in the courtroom are hard on the backside and I’m running out of crossword puzzles and doodling during lulls ain’t my thing – I may have to take it up if it goes any longer.

The trial has been going on since Nov. 2nd with 800 exhibits and testimony from experts to victims to villains. Who is who is to be sorted out by the jury. After sitting there for it all, I will have my own take. I will ask for press release statements from both sides and maybe any jury member that would like to comment post verdict.


6 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Out with the old…In with the new”
  1. Sojie says:

    Dear new City Councilmembers:
    Are you really going to hire a municipally inexperienced, small-time local developer to be the City Manager of our City of SeaTac? Are you really going to hire a guy who joined the tea party PAC that helped finance your campaign? A guy who used absolutely no discretion, and who so unprofessionally trash-mouthed departing city manager Todd Cutts on this blog? Really? An inexperienced developer, who took sides, who lacks discretion, who’s history of interest has been for his own profit? Maybe I’m wrong and this isn’t really going to happen. Or is it?

  2. D Tapio says:

    The new city council does need to make a decision on the city manager position fairly quickly for a number of reasons. The acting city manager has more than a full-time job taking care of all of the legal issues with the city and the trial currently going on. The assistant city manager is on vacation and will be leaving the city in a few weeks. There are several vacant department leadership positions.

    From attending the trial and reviewing several of the depositions and trial documents it is apparent that there needs to be a clear and decisive change in mindset at the city. I had the understanding that the Prothman review and report and the following reorganization addressed these issues. However, it is now clear that there are still systemic problems that remain.

    I can address any rumors that may or may not have been circulating regarding my interest. I already have a job and have no intention to be the city manager.

    Best of luck to all candidates who are interested and as Earl stated, if the new city manager needs any help with the transition there are plenty of talented people in the city and community to help.

  3. Melissa says:

    Same troll, different name.