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EDITORIAL: Mayor Rick Forschler’s tenure must come to a quick end

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Editorial by Jack Mayne [2]

The short tenure of SeaTac Mayor Rick Forschler must come to a quick end because of a bewildering list of incredibly inept errors.

His missteps started right after he was elected in November, when Forschler made a fool of himself with an outlandish lecture to the Des Moines City Council. There, he lectured Councilmembers against considering a utility tax. But the real goof was telling citizens at the meeting he would come to their city and help defeat any Des Moines Councilmember who supported the utility tax.

Then there was the interim city manager fiasco. The newly-elected majority on the Council agreed with Forschler to fire City Manager Todd Cutts. The Council held an unprecedented meeting where applicants for interim city manager testified in public on the merits of their being chosen.

The surprise decision came without a single word of explanation to the waiting public. The Council had chosen one of the least qualified candidates as interim city manager. But the most amazing part was that there was not one single word to the public from Mayor Forschler on why this person was chosen. It took a week and a letter to the SeaTac Blog editor to get an explanation.

Then this past week came the final straw. Forschler, without notifying other Councilmembers, invited a Spokane Valley state legislator to testify in SeaTac about whether the Council should accept a long awaited federal grant to construct a new city park.

It took former Mayor Tony Anderson to reveal that the so-called expert was “significantly involved with” Oath Keepers, an organization associated with the anti-government patriot movement. Oath Keepers encourages members not to obey orders that they believe would violate the Constitution.

The Council solidly rejected Forschler’s move to stop the money for the park.

Enough! Forschler must be stopped from continuing his attempt to stamp his personal political agenda on SeaTac.

The people elected Forschler to the Council and he should continue to be a member of the SeaTac Council.

The Council should immediately replace Mayor Forschler with another of its members.

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