The Cactus Speaks: Five hours of Council meetings – Depends™ in demand

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Earl Gipson is a view of SeaTac city government. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff. We are seeking additional regular columnists to reflect different opinions and views of SeaTac residents. Those interested can e-mail us at [email protected].]

by Earl Gipson

Five hours of Council meetings – Depends ™ in demand
In a bladder challenging and hemorrhoid irritating 5 hours worth of Study Session/Council meeting/s, un-elected Mayor Forschler led the Council through a confused maze of stuff and he got lost on the way (more than a couple of times). Here’s a thought or two. Cross out the items you have covered and stop asking Councilmembers to beat a very dead horse when their questions and votes/intentions have been made clear.

What was accomplished? It Depends™
Budget deficit can kicked down the road. The last Council did the same thing starting in 2011 and it kept on doing it until the utility tax was imposed in 2014. Procrastination gets you nowhere slowly and Councilmembers will eventually have to do some math. Sooner than later might be best (duh).

The Council got to view a video on the OPMA (Open Public Meeting Act). The OPMA is a great excuse not to talk to, email, and/or call anyone you don’t particularly care for. Common sense, leadership, and basic communication skills no longer required. That’s transparent government in a vacuum. Do you here the vacuum sucking? Take that as you may.

We have a new Committee to deal with airport/Port issues. Maybe the Port will cave from boredom.

The Council also pondered for way to long whether there is still a Sidewalk Committee. The Councilmmbers don’t know?!

Meeting times are now later. Study Sessions will start at 5:30 PM and Regular Council Meetings will start at 7:00 PM the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. This will insure we are all safely tucked in our beds while Public Comment to Action Items and New Business are conducted with an empty Council Chamber or for those who planned to stay overnight.

The case for SeaTac’s National League of Cities withdrawal
The case for withdrawal was inadvertently made by our own Council advocates/attendees of the NLC calling into the meetings on Tuesday. By their own extensive and wordy justifications (not buying it!) about things not SeaTac, the nebulous return on investment, and absolute irritation of calling into a meeting where their butts should be warming their Council chairs, I have to say enough!

We heard about the lead in Flint Michigan’s water supply and who our Councilmembers met with and listened to and some other things not SeaTac. SeaTac may have a lead problem too, but it may be in some Councilmember’s coffee cups if that is what we are paying good money for their travel hobby.

The Councilmember priorities are here in SeaTac. The budget, the airport, and warm seats on the Council dais are what we need right now. The disruptive nature of addressing a microphone instead of a person made the poorly run five hours of consecutive Council meeting even worse.

Transparency. Depends ™ on your definition.
Some of us know that New Business is rarely used in Council Meetings since the specific item/s will not appear on the posted Agenda and the Public will be unaware something will be discussed. Good plan if you really don’t want Public feedback. We (I at least) can see through that. See: transparency.

Cactus music selection
This column’s music goes out to all the un-elected Mayors and insane wannabe Councilmembers out there. The video is fluff.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Tears For Fears 1985:



3 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Five hours of Council meetings – Depends™ in demand”
  1. Seatacresident says:

    Maybe instead of attending city council meetings, you should attend to your weak bladder and hemorrhoids.
    Are you the “unelected Mayor” or an “insane wannabe council member”? I can’t decide. I think maybe you’re just Seatac’s biggest narcissist.

    • Janice Taylor says:

      At least Earl attends council meeting and study sessions–religiously. Like his style or not, if he motivates a few indolent citizens into caring, he’s doing his job as a columnist.

  2. doris cassan says:

    Earl Gipson is great citizen of SeaTac – smart, articulate, does his research and honest and so informed. All of us should be as informed as he.

    Most of the time, I agree with his analysis, sometimes I do not. But II know that he is much more informed than so I ponder his thoughts.

    Although I was not at the meeting, I listened to every minute. Actually I thought it was a most informative meeting – I know more about the OPMA rules and understand why the rules are useful but also makes it cumbersome for council members to communicate.

    After attending many council meetings, I never understood how the social services moneys were distributed,now I have a better understanding. Many questions still linger.

    In a small business or any business one would not make payments before the charges were approved. Just does not make financial sense. Businesses do not have access to the tax payers pocketbook in case the money dries up.

    And yes citizens and business owners and the council need more input when dealing with the Port. I am all for that committee. And yes to the street committee. I think it is the parking tax that pays for all those sidewalks. Should make sure that is where it goes.

    And I also found it most informative communicating about current developments within the city – very nice.

    OK except for the length, I thought it was a good meeting.

    Just one last thought. Businesses within SeaTac are dealing with a lot of crime. Should one take care of their own home first? Just a thought.