SeaTac City Council holding Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, April 5


The SeaTac City Council will be holding a Town Hall meeting open to the public on Tuesday, April 5, from 6 – 8 p.m. at the SeaTac Community Center, located at 13735 24th Ave. S.

Attendees at the meeting will have the opportunity to ask questions of the SeaTac City Council.

If there is a need for interpreter services, please contact the City at (206)973-4800 by March 28th, and the City will attempt to accommodate your request.

To sign up for notifications of other City-hosted meetings, please visit the City website at and choose the “I want to…” pull-down menu and choose “Sign up for…” to reach the eNotifications page.


2 Responses to “SeaTac City Council holding Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, April 5”
  1. Melissa says:

    Great opportunity for citizens to ask questions to the council and why they can call out citizens but the people are not allowed to single out council at the podum. Also to wonder why its ok to get insulted when a citizen chooses to volunteer their personal time to the city. And why the can have an opinion when 2 out of 7 have never bothered to meet candidates but choose to assume a person’s actions from a social media sign. The council, well a couple of them, really need a code of ethics. Especially the way the person addresses the mayor and a few other of their “equals”.

  2. Michael T Kovacs says:

    Maybe I can attend and “verbally bash” Tony Anderson like he did to me at a recent council meeting. Then hand out copies of emails and the Port of Seattle Dereliction of Duty conviction to the council members and citizens free of charge as objective evidence he is a thug.