SeaTac City Council calls special meeting for Friday morning

by Jack Mayne

The City of SeaTac issued a notice at mid-morning Thursday (March 24) that they would hold a 20-minute special meeting Friday morning at 10 a.m. in the Council Chambers to “review the performance of a public employee.

The Council would go into executive session to privately discuss apparently the city leave of interim City Manager James “Donny” Payne. Some have complained that such a leave can only occur with a full City Council vote.

Payne was conspicuously missing from the Council meeting Tuesday night, and the city attorney told Councilmembers to tell anyone asking about him that, “The interim City Manager is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of a personnel investigation.”

Calls and back-channel discussions have been rife during the past day.

The public can attend the public opening of the session but cannot attend the executive session.

Near the end of a three-hour regular SeaTac City Council meeting on Tuesday (March 22) Mayor Rick Forschler said health matters were prompting him to quit as mayor, but that he would remain a Councilmember.

Then the Council elected Councilmember Mike Siefkes as mayor and Councilmember Pam Fernald as deputy mayor.


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  1. Pam Fernald says:

    Here is the agenda for the special meeting.

    click on the link for the March 25 special council meeting: