LETTER: Deputy Mayor on the SeaTac Council’s first Town Meeting of 2016

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SeaTac Council Holds Successful first Town Meeting of 2016.

It has been a bit since I’ve done a write up on anything Community oriented, so here is a short update on a current event—without my usual photos.

Tuesday, April 5th the entire SeaTac City Council hosted a successful Town Meeting for 51 concerned citizens from across our city who came out to spend a couple of hours with the Council.

Each attendee received a number when they signed in and when the number was called, that person had the opportunity to address the council on any issue or concern they had. Approximately half of the attendees shared their questions, concerns, suggestions and visions with us.

At times I was dismayed, but not surprised by what was shared—and I ‘get it!’

At other times I was uplifted by speakers who are as determined as I am not to give up on our common goals for a safe, clean and peaceful life. I know that is what I hoped to have in my future after getting up every day for more than 38 years to earn a living—like the majority of us– and be a contributing member of society and hopefully not become a burden to my family or community.

The common theme throughout the Town Meeting seemed to involve street safety (speeding, lack of lighting, neighborhood parking); community crime; lack of city cleanliness and pride.

The Council received a lot of food for thought from our Citizens. Thank you; we hear you. And, after an admittedly rocky start to 2016, this Town Meeting proved to me that we can all move forward and do the work the citizens expect us to do—and we WILL do so.

This is my personal opinion, and I will repeat it here: For the professional detractors and know it alls among us, NO council could EVER satisfy them. ‘Nuff said on that.

My personal thanks to all of the Council and Staff who supported me in my goal to have this Town meeting. I appreciate them all. All ‘round sentiments from Citizens, Council and Staff is that we need more Town Meetings so citizens can have that dialog with the Council. So stay tuned.

I want action; I want solutions—like every other taxpayer! There are some huge challenges ahead for our city. With a new Mayor, Michael J. Siefkes, and new Deputy Mayor, yours truly, Pam Fernald, we can, and WILL handle them in the most open, honest, transparent manner that citizens expect from us. Period.

Thank you Citizens for your support and participation in your Town Meeting!

= Pam Fernald

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4 Responses to “LETTER: Deputy Mayor on the SeaTac Council’s first Town Meeting of 2016”
  1. Seatacian says:

    “For the professional detractors and know it alls among us, NO council could EVER satisfy them. ‘Nuff said on that.”

    AMEN to that!

  2. Joel Wachtel says:

    I’m sorry I was unable to attend this meeting but I knew others would be discussing the issues I would raise. It’s good to be heard andI have great hope that things can be changed. But this is a wonderful start. Well done!

  3. Chuck Darielli says:

    I think the town hall meeting was a good start I believe we could use a few more I like many had unrealistic hopes and expectations from the new council it will take time to get this mess straighted out some of the professional detractors remain on the council I was sad to see nobody from code compliance there to answer questions I like some have thought about giving up and moving but then I think b___ s___ I’m not going to let them beat me I looked around at the people there and the faces I saw are people that have been here LONG before this was a city people who remember when there were no stop lights on military road people who raised famliys and watch their famliys raise famliys they’ve seem some drastice change here since we’ve become a city most feel not for the best I like most supported all the new council members and do believe they will work to make it right it will take more time than we hoped and we will keep an eye on them but I hope we stay behind them and give them a fair chance

  4. Nancy Wagner says:

    Thank you, Pam, for organizing this week’s town hall meeting, and all those in the future. I would absolutely LOVE to see code compliance in attendance, because rensidents’ lack of compliance is rampant in this town. Pretty much anything goes, in merry old SeaTac, although when I have sent in a complaint, it’s usually taken care of pretty quick. The problem is that messy yards don’t stay picked up for very long, and some people never get the message. This makes me think fines have to be larger, and consequences more painful. But this is something I would like to ask our code people.