The Cactus Speaks: Proposed wetland regulations all wet

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by Earl Gipson

With all the drama as of late in our city we have been ignoring/downplaying some things that are of significant impact to all our property owners/businesses. Critical areas/wetlands regulations are changing under our radar/noses.

More regulations, wetlands a joke (unless its you)
In the Study Session (April 12) a presentation of a draft of changes to Title 15 of the SMC (SeaTac Municipal Code) pertaining to Environmental Regulations are a precursor to controlling your private property by arbitrarily calling things wetlands/critical areas. Having “participated” previously in re-classification of a wetland and being thoroughly lied to by various government entities, I find them increasingly onerous.

We talk about housing affordability but each time a government entity starts changing terminology and adding paragraphs to regulations its not going to be to a property owner’s advantage or encourage development. It is called “house keeping” and various other innocuous phrases but it amounts to costing you (the property owner/developer/business) lots of money, frustration, and time. The government entities have all the cards and if you oppose them in any way you will be swatted aside like a fly (after you wrote the check).

As an example of being swatted like a fly you may want to look at the Normandy Park Council meeting 04/12/16 (here). Go to 1 hour and 14 minutes into the meeting and listen to Rollie Storbakken about his tangle with his City. He got his wetland issue fixed in 20 months. In our City, mine took 10 years.

Don’t take a whiz on your property and been seen by a governmental official. They will mount their bureaucratic forces, declare it a wetland, and it will be up to you, your money, and time to prove its not. It doesn’t even matter if the municipality/government entity caused the wetland issue. It will be on you to prove they did even if they know it is entirely their fault.

More to come on this and to those reading. Share your own horror story. I have not seen or heard about one that has not been horror.

Best Councilmember call-in ever
Councilmember Sitterley called into the Council meeting on April 12 on her vacation in Hawaii. That’s dedication and she did not waste time blathering on ala Councilmember Anderson when he calls in (seems like most of the time) to tell as about his all SeaTac expense paid trips and the political shoulders he’s rubbed up against. He was just mercifully absent this last meeting and didn’t call in.

Ms. Sitterley questions/comments were short and to the business at hand and I think Mayor Siefkes startled her a couple of time when asking if she was there. And much to the humor of the audience, at about three hours and 28 minutes into the meeting there was heavy breathing over microphone. Just resting your eyes Ms. Sitterley? Bless you for calling in on your vacation and giving us some levity to boot. Best Councilmember call-in ever!

Cactus Music Selection
We probably all feel this way at times.

Crazy On A Ship of Fools-Robert Plant 1998:



11 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Proposed wetland regulations all wet”
  1. Earl Gipson says:

    The draft regulations can be found here

    The schedule of them ramming them down our throats are here

    The Public Hearing is at City Hall on the 3rd of May at the Planning Commission Meeting in the Riverton Room. 5:30 PM

  2. Glen Morgan says:

    This article will help give more information about some of the background in the City of SeaTac:

    • Glen Morgan says:

      Please note, I have linked over 1000 pages of background source material for anyone who doubts what is being reported. You can certainly debate my suggestions, but I think it would be difficult to challenge the facts on what is happening in SeaTac.

  3. Seatac resident says:

    What I don’t get is why Glen Morgan is so concerned about what happens in Seatac when he lives in Newcastle. What’s the pay-off?

  4. Sharpie says:

    Thout he lived in the boondocks south of Olympia, but it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t live in SeaTac and he should keep his nose in his own business. He’s a radical nutcase.

  5. Michael T Kovacs says:

    The article by Glen Morgan finally brings out the truth behind how are city has been trashed by elected officials from Angle Lake and Bow Lake, that sit or have sit on 3 different areas of City Council, King County Goverment and Washington State Goverment.