Ribbon cut on new Fire Station 45

Story & Photos by Pam Fernald
SeaTac Deputy Mayor

Saturday, May 21, 2016 saw the dedication and ribbon cutting open house for a new fire station in the City of SeaTac – Station 45,located across International Boulevard and one block East of the new Angle Lake Light Rail Station.

The original Station 45 on S. 200th was outdated and not earthquake compliant. The new station is state-of-the-art with new safety and energy efficient features, as well as meeting earthquake requirements.

Among the more efficient features in the new station are decon concrete floors throughout and anti-microbial counter tops in the kitchen. Both of these features are designed to lessen the opportunity to spread MRSA or any other containment the firefighters bring back to the station.

LED lighting has been installed that automatically dims when not needed. LED lighting is said to use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. Programmable Dispatch units are installed in the bunk rooms which can aid in less stress and less sleep interruption for responders.

New Station 45 also boasts an exhaust removal system which is a vital health benefit to the firefighters.

Automatic four fold doors which open horizontally in 5 seconds, have been installed allowing for a faster, safer exit to an emergency call. (Roll up doors are slower and units have been known to clip the bottom of a roll up door on exit.)
Above is my non-technical take on some of the new Station 45 features I observed at the Open House. If you require more specific details, you should probably contact Kent Fire Department RFA: http://www.kentfirerfa.org/

The dedication and ribbon cutting began with introductions by Chief Schneider of various City of SeaTac and Kent RFA personnel who made the new station possible, an inspirational Dedication given by the Kent RFA Chaplain and then the always festive ribbon cutting event.

Mayor Michael Siefkes handled the ribbon cutting scissors, while I safely and skillfully held the ribbon still for the deed:


One of SeaTac’s first, and longest sitting councilmembers – Terry Anderson– also attended the Dedication saying she “wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

Enjoy the photos of the event (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):









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